This template makes JSPWiki look like a MediaWiki-default-installation. Pic/new.png Minor bugfixes:
  • Login now works with JSPWiki v2.2.33
  • The required PageViewCountPlugin-plugin is now included in the distribution
  • ViewStats.txt(info) and ReferencedBy.txt(info) are now included in the distribution
  • The "Logo" is smaller, so that the MediaWiki-template displays correctly at resolutions of 1024*768




  • Unzip it to the template directory of your JSPWiki-installation
  • Copy the files ReferencedBy.txt(info) and ViewStats.txt(info) (both under JSPWiki/templates/MediaWiki/, but you can download them separately) to the place where you store your pages (normally the value of jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir)
  • Copy the file PageViewCountPlugin.jar to the JSPWiki/WEB-INF/lib-directory
  • Modify your jspwiki.properties-file:
  jspwiki.templateDir = MediaWiki
  jspwiki.authenticator = FileAuthenticator
  # Or wherever you put this file
  jspwiki.fileAuthenticator.fileName = /tmp/passwords.txt
  • Create the /tmp/passwords.txt-file
  martin = martinsPassword
  user2 = user2Password
  • Restart you servlet-container...Done!
(why does this template uses another user-password file? instead of userdatabase.xml??)


  • The template was designed for JSPWiki 2.2 and tries to use the old authorization/authentication-system (which is somewhat broken)
  • Please report any installation-issues here and I will try to resolve them

Will there be a release for JSPWiki 2.3.74 soon?... I love this template and would like to start using it with this release which seems fairly stable now

Thanks --GWP


  • All references to the help pages seem to be missing. E.g. Ho hum, it seems that the EditPageHelp? page is missing. Someone must've done something to the installation... otherwise great - Greg
    • You need to install the jspwiki_samplepages.zip that comes with the stock JSPWiki distribution.
      • I feel like a real dumbo.... sorry still a noob with JSP wiki.... didin't even check the default install I did. Thanks -- Greg --
  • The [{TableOfContents}] plug does not seem to render properly. It simply created a bulleted list. Anyone have a quick answer or how to make it look like the way it appears in the default template? - Thanks Greg - 2005-10-13
    • New MediaWiki-Template-Version: TOC now renders correctly. If you want a quick update, just replace your MediaWiki-stylesheet with jspwiki.css(info) -- Martin

  • I'm having problems getting Tomcat(5.0.28 - JDK 1.4.2 Win2k) to compile the templates. When attempting to access the wiki with mediawiki set as the template to use the follow error gets recorded in the jspwiki.log:
    • WARN com.ecyrd.jspwiki.tags.WikiTagBase JSPWiki:Main - Including failed, got a servlet exception from sub-page. Rethrowing the exception to the JSP engine.
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP at org.apache.jasper.JspCompilationContext.compile(JspCompilationContext.java:520)
  • There are a couple of really funny things about this problem.
  1. It doesn't happen on my development PC with the same version of Tomcat and JDK.
  2. It only happens with the MediaWiki template. Which is really frustrating because it's the best looking template!

FOUND ERROR!!! remove in Viewtemplate.jsp: </div> and all good... mailto:leviathan_dmx@gmx.net

Unfortunately, that didn't seem to fix the problem. I think it may be something funny with the environment (JDK, Tomcat, or OS) since it works on my development PC with the same version of Tomcat. My next step will probably be to try it on another server. Thanks for providing a possible solution though. mailto:ken_medlock@workcover.vic.gov.au

Let me know if you can provide any help or guidance. Thanks, Ken Medlock

  • Not including User.jsp would eliminate the login-function. I was not able to reproduce the error and I can't find an error in User.jsp. What am I missing? Maybe a full stack trace of your exception would help. -- Martin
  • In the footer page there is a message This page has ben accessed times. Looking in the source code of Footer.jsp there is a tag <wiki:InsertPage page="ViewStats"> but i did not find the page in the template distribution.

-- Michele

I was looking for the License under which the MediaWiki-Template can be used, but found nothing. Is it the same license as the wiki itself (LGPL currently)? You someone please clarify?

-- Peter

  • when editing if I click "preview" I got a preview with a single word "null"
  • error in the logs
- java.lang.NullPointerException at org.simon.jspwiki.plugin.PageViewCountPlugin$CounterSaveThread.run(PageViewCountPlugin.java:104)

this happens when I reload the webapp

- java.lang.NullPointerException at com.ecyrd.jspwiki.WikiSession.getWikiSession(WikiSession.java:589)

this appears sometimes... couldn't identify when it appears

  • error when adding comments to this page
Error Message: String index out of range: 0 Exception: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException Place where detected: java.lang.String.charAt(), line 558

-- Adler, 29/Apr/2006

  • I'm using mediawiki-compatible for the current 2.4.15-beta of jspwiki. If I want to make a acount, the profile tab is missing.

-- SToennies, 01/Aug/2006


  • I'd like my wiki to only be editable by myself. Therefore I followed the intructions about creating the passwords file. Still allows editing without requiring a password.... I read about placing DENY edit Guest in a page but it doesn't work.... Can you point me in the right direction? -- Greg --
  • The following (at the beginning of the page) will do the trick...
 [{DENY edit Guest}]
 [{ALLOW edit user2}]

  • Remember that you will have to do this for each page of your wiki. -- Martin
  • How do I use my own logo (This applies only for the newest version of this template)?
    • In the MediaWiki-directory, replace logo.png with your logo.
    • If you want an image-size different from 130px X 130px locate the entry #p-logo in the jspwiki.css-file and adjust the values for width and height accordingly.
    • If you don't want to use the logo.png-filename, locate the <img-Entry of the ViewTemplate.jsp-file and change the path.

  • Is development of this template going to continue into the future? I've come to like it a lot... but smallpiece is hot on it's heals. The others are too busy and too full of bugs. Thanks - GP
  • Hi, CSS for the Weblog plugins seems to be missing. Can someone provide some CSS?. I know I could myself, but if someone has some cool CSS then I'd be grateful. I've asked this before, but again... will this template continue... I fear that it looks like one of those that is going to die away and that would be sad Greg

Opera 8.5 and menu on top of page#

I found a problem with the style sheet when using opera 8.5. The links for edit, attach file,.. don't work. I fixed it by changing ViewTemplate.jsp and jspwiki.css.

1. change id and class of tabs in ViewTemplate.jsp, p-cactions -> p-cactions-top, portlet -> portlet-top

 <!-- Begin of the "tabs"-->
	<!-- End of the "tabs"--> 

2. duplicate all styles named .portlet and #p-cactions and rename them accordingly to 1.



I have downloaded the templete...everything is going fine....but Login user and password is noy validating.. it is showing invalid login...how can i use user authentication in JSPWiki 2.2.33

--AnonymousUser, 11-Jul-2006

This is really great. The 2_4_0 distribution should (imho) have a return link appended to the attachments upload page. I just pasted what was in the default template: <p>If you are done uploading, you may wish to return to <wiki:LinkTo><wiki:PageName/></wiki:LinkTo>.</p>

--sj, 30-Oct-2006

Is there a wiki template for dummies? This all seems to be way over my head.

--Crystal, 21-Feb-2007

I downloaded the MediaWiki-2_4_0-compatible.zip and installed it with JSPWiki v2.8.2. At first I had some trouble getting the editor to work. It seems that in the newer version of JSPWiki there is an automatic SpamFilter. I added this line to all the editors:

<input name="<%=SpamFilter.getHashFieldName(request)%>" type="hidden" value="<c:out value='${lastchange}' />" />

Add that in there somewhere in the form, I added it right below the action and all seems happy.

Er, for those not versed in JSP or templates, you'll find the editors in a folder called editors underneath your template folder (MediaWiki). You look in there and you'll see:


--Scott deBeaubien, (ScottyD) 01-Jul-2009 00:12

Small annoying problem with the login page using Mediawiki template, it would not "focus" on the username field when it came up. I went and added the following javascript to LoginContent.jsp in the "Default" template folder:

<script type="text/javascript">

I added it in after the form and it worked well, now focuses properly in the j_username field when the form comes up and prompts you to login.

--Scott.deBeaubien, 10-Jul-2009 19:37

Another small annoying problem with the UserPreferences page using Mediawiki template, I found it was only displaying username when I went to change user prefs. This was not the same behavior as the "default" JSPWiki template, so I hacked it to work corectly (just like the default). First, you gotta go and get all the fields from the PreferencesTab.jsp in the "default" template and add those to the MediaWiki version.

Next, you need to add the initialization of the Preferences object (read it in from the cookie) into all JSP's where you want to use it. It already existed in commonheader.jsp in the default template, so I cut-n-pasted those lines (along with the import - don't forget to import com.ecyrd.jspwiki.preferences.* !):


Paste those into everywhere you want to use them. I actually put them into:


as well as


because I decided I wanted the line at the bottom of the display that shows you the lastmodified information on the file. I cut-n-pasted those lines from PageActionsBottom.jsp in the default template into ViewTemplate.jsp as well.

--Scott.deBeaubien, 11-Jul-2009 19:37

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