Really cool menu system! Can you supply the images for it too, please.


I have installed the MenuTree and it works with with ClearCase File Provider. I found that the changes made to MenuTree.txt (through JSPWiki Edit.jsp) are updated in ClearCase, but not shown in the menu tree until the server is restarted. How can I make the menu tree updated immediately after the edit?

-- TerryChan

Quite nice. For sites where you know what menu structure you want to have, and that structure is rather "long" vertically; This plugin solves your problem by dynamically managing the expansion and collapse of the menu tree. I like it. This should let people have more fine-grained navigation on the LeftMenu without having it be excessively long. --JohnV

Yes, I like it too. Very nice work!

-- JanneJalkanen

Interesting idea - I have friends that manage their project workbooks in Lotus Notes published to the web. Their ability to drill down has always caused me to drool. This moves the wiki closer to being usable for something like a project workbook where you want the structure a bit tighter than wiki pages - without restricting contributers freedom/creativity. Thanks!

-- Scott Hurlbert

How about once you have your menu structure defined, you also can also generate a big HTML file with all the contents. You could then load the .htm file into Microsoft Word, generate a table of contents and produce a book. With special handling for CSS, graphics and the like it could actually be a pretty OK looking book. And if you got yourself carried away it could have an index etc.

-- Keno

I am a newbie and I am have problems with this. I am running JSPWiki on Windows XP. The menutree.jar file is in my lib directory along with my JSPWiki.jar. I keep getting a java.lang.NullException error. Please help.


-- Anon

The first time you add the menu tree to the leftmenu, you may result a NullPointer Exception in the place of your MenuTree. It's saying that you need to create the MenuTree page. Then the exception will go away.

-- Q

I'm using the MenuTreePlugin with the template SmallpieceTemplate. To make the buttons (menu-items) look nice I changed the sourcecode that every <li> tag is embedded with a <div> tag. That way I can make some nice css adjustments. Would you be willing to add those to the sourcecode?

-- Kees

Having a little problem. I dont think mine is working. There's no folders. all it has are bullets.

looks like this.

--Connie Chan, 24-Jul-2006

I tried the plugin, but the pictures are not included and installation instructions are vague. This kind of functionality is in my opinion really needed in JSPWiki, while current implementations are pretty buggy. For example, using %%collapse doesn't work correctly in Internet Explorer (it doesn't remember the settings, so it always shows a completely expanded tree) and it refreshes rather irritating in Firfox (you see it quickly expand and collapse on a page change which is pretty annoying). Second, it is mentioned that this plugin doesn't work with Firefox

Because a menutree is such a great feature to have, would it be possible to focus on a menutree core-plugin which works with all kind of browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera)? I would really like to have a correct working version of this plugin out of the box.

--Duncan, 11-Sep-2006

I tried to implement the menutree plugin,only the first node is getting dislayed.All the nodes are not present and when i clicked the first node,it is not directed to the sub nodes,it is linked with the page with the name of the first node only.Do suggest something.

We are getting the menu links,but we are not getting the image icons in menu tree plugin. could anyone give suggestion for the same?


I would like to install the MenuTree Plugin, but where do I get the jar File ??

thank you Tracer.

--AnonymousCoward, 04-Jul-2007

Hallo I have found the jar file. But I have the same problem as Connie Chan:

There's no folders. all it has are bullets.

looks like this.

-Connie Chan - Tracer

What do I have to do to make the tree Menu work ? thank you Tracer

--Tracer, 05-Jul-2007

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