A mere mortal is fundamentally a non-techy type person. Among developers, administrators, implementors, and architects, they look like functional illiterates.

  • They are not proficient at writing, understanding, or even hacking code.
  • They get very nervous when executing most unix commands, afraid that they are going to break something and become stranded.
  • They are extremely dependant on clues within documentation that imply (in simple terms) what's really basically going on in the machine.
  • They can often spell "dependent."
  • When they see any code, they have a hard time parsing it.
  • They may waste hours and days trying to do something incorrectly, simply because they don't understand what they are being told.
  • However, they might just be willing to try to do some things if they can make sense of them (e.g. implementing a simple wiki engine).
  • Some of them are proud to be MereMortals. Because saying so can be a great way to learn.
  • They ask StupidQuestions.
  • They think WikiWords are a bad hack, suitable only for techies
  • They think "wiki" means "wikipedia," and won't stick around to to learn a dozen different wiki syntaxes

MatthewSimpson: I know about these people. I'm one of them.

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