System/3!  System/3!
See how it runs! See how it runs!
   Its monitor loses so totally!
   It runs all its programs in RPG!
   It's made by our favorite monopoly!

I Like Monkeys

I really have no idea what to put here, but figured I should have something around this place since I contributed a template. I also whine a lot, but what do you expect from a Mac OS X (Wikipedia:NeXTSTEP 6.2) bigot forced to use Windows all day?



Michael, do you have an idea on this problem with the templates?

When installed the template and go to my site it doesn't show me a page, it displays the following text instead:


I am using resin on w2k and the wiki is the root application. Any ideas?

Could it perhaps be because the template is called 'mrg', not 'msg'? --JanneJalkanen

Arg. Thanx!

Pages I have contaminated:

Argo UML
Authorization And Authentication Development
Bart Breeschoten
Bug Reports
Changing Left Menu
Contributed Plugins
Contributed Template
Contributed Templates Mrg
FAQ Administration
FAQ Attachments
FAQ Formatting
FAQ General
FAQ Weblog
File Provider Comparing
Fixed Bug
Ideas In Page Hyperlinks
Ideas Sub Pages
Ideas Text Formatting Rules
Ideas User Preferences
JSP Wiki Sites
MRG Template
Pic Discussion
Plugin Development
Release 2.2 Discussion
Stamp Filter
Stupid Questions
Why Choose JSP Wiki
Wiki Attachments
Wiki Markup Development
Windows Install Question

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