Microsoft Visio#

JohnV opinion: Okay I don't know who listed Visio as a UML tool, but I freaking despise visio! It's unusable for UML in my opinion. It's terrible even as a drawing tool. Use this as a last resort, no beter yet buy some napkins a pen and a scanner!

You didn't use the UML-template of Visio, did you? Yup JohnV did and still despises the tool.

See UML Tools, but visio isn't one.

Phoenix Pasteur --> Visio is a design tool so it can draw UML diagram as Paint shop pro can do

Paint Shop Pro sure can't draw UML diagrams as Visio can. It doesn't help to flame a product because one happens to dislike M$ oder Visio or both or whatever. At least Visio does know the syntax of the diagrams (and who can say that of himself?). -- ReinhardEngel

Hey, if you like it and can use it go for it. In comparison to real UML tools, like Rose or (my current favorite) MagicDraw visio isn't even in close to the same class. Most important is to use the tool you like to get the job at hand done. --JohnV

John V, Can you give me a couple examples of things you hate about doing UML with visio? I just began a project in visio and I don't want to run away from visio unless I have to. Kurt

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