This is not unlike Wappu, another Finnish festival. It's celebrated on the weekend that's closest to the summer solstice, when even in the southern parts of Finland it's light throughout the night - which means that it's an excellent time to party all day around. A lot of people start their summer holidays from midsummer, too.

A long weekend; warm air and water; short but sweet summer just begun; how can we NOT get totally pissed and celebrate? :-)

Unfortunately, most years this means also that a lot of people forget than alcohol and some things just don't mix: this year (2002) the official death toll is eight (five drowned, three dead on the roads). Yes, it's a national statistic - followed as closely as weather reports or the Soccer Championships in Korea/Japan. People discuss it in casual conversations - some people even bet on it. Nobody cares how many people die on the other weekends - it's just this one weekend that really piques peoples interest.

Finland is a strange country sometimes.

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Jun-2002.

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