This page explains the differences between MediaWiki (Wikipedia, Wikiquote, etc.) and this JSP Wiki.

Article names#

JspWiki exclusively accepts letters and digits in article names. Instead of spaces it uses CamelCase, which means that every word starts with capitals.

Lacking features#

The following features of MediaWiki are not included by default in JSPWiki:
  • categories
  • talk pages
  • the watchlist
  • indentations invoked by colons
  • signatures invoked by tildes


The following features of JSPWiki are very similar or equal to MediaWiki:
  • lists can be made with asterisks *
  • numbered lists can be made with number signs #
  • ---- makes a horizontal ruler
  • ;term:def defines 'term' with 'def'

Example for a definition#

type of website that allows users to add and edit content easily and is especially suited for collaborative writing

Description MediaWiki JSPWiki Effect
common internal link [[Article]] [Article] Article
internal link with different text [[Article|text]] [text|Article] text
internal link with anchor
(every headline is an anchor)
[[Article#See also]] [Article#See also] Article#See also
external link []
external link with different text [ Google] [Google|] Google
external link without name [] no idea (cannot be displayed)
interwiki link
(interwikis need to be defined)
[[Wiktionary:Hello]] [Wikipedia:Hello] Wikipedia:WikiWikiWeb

Available interwikis in this wiki#

WikiWikiWeb -->, JSPWiki -->, Doc -->, Wikipedia -->, TWiki -->, Google -->, MeatballWiki -->, Edit --> Edit.jsp?page=%s

See also#


MediaWiki JspWiki html
=Mega heading=
(should not be used)
(impossible) <h1>Mega heading</h1>
==Normal heading== !!!Normal heading <h2>Normal heading</h2>
===Sub heading=== !!Sub heading <h3>Sub heading</h3>
====Subsub heading==== !Subsub heading <h4>Subsub heading</h4>
===== heading h5 ===== (impossible) <h5>Subsub heading</h5>
====== heading h6 ====== (impossible) <h6>Subsub heading</h6>

Basic Text Formatting#

Description MediaWiki JSPWiki html Effect
italics ''text'' ''text'' <i>text</i> text
bold '''text''' __text__ <b>text</b> text
bold & italics '''''text''''' ''__text__'' <i><b>text</b></i> text

Advanced Text Formatting#

The following are unique to JSP wiki and must be implemented using HTML in Media Wiki:

Description Syntax html
makes text in monospaced font {{text}} <tt>text</tt>
forces line break \\ <br>

Preformatted code#

In order to prevent lines from being formatted by the browser and wiki code from being translated into html you can use preformatted texts (html: <pre>text</pre>).

In WikiMedia you can use html or write a space at the start of a line to make the line preformatted. In JSPWiki you use triple {'s to open, and triple }'s to close.


&lt;!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC &quot;-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN&quot;

If you only print a single preformatted line, what is in between the triple {'s and }'s is monospaced. This can be used to prevent wiki code from being transformed.

Redirecting Pages#

In Media Wiki
#REDIRECT [[Redirect to this page]]

In JSP Wiki

[{SET alias=MigratingFromMediaWiki}]


In JSP Wiki you can do simple tables by using pipe signs ('|'). Use double pipe signs to start the heading of a table, and single pipe signs to then write the rows of the table. End with a line that is not a table.

For example:

|| Heading 1 || Heading 2
| ''Gobble'' | Bar \\ foo
| [Main]     | [SandBox]

gives you the following table. Note how you can also use links inside tables.

Heading 1 Heading 2
Gobble Bar
Main SandBox

In Media Wiki tables are much more complicated. See Help:Table for details.


There's a different conception of the two names: In MediaWiki, a template is a special page containing normal wiki code which can be inserted into an article, e.g. writing {{stub}} inserts the code from 'Template:Stub'. In JSPWiki, a template is a set of files which determine the look & feel of the Wiki and has nothing in common with MediaWiki's templates. However, JSPWiki has plugins (java programs that can be inserted into the wiki code) which are very similar to MediaWiki's templates.

Note: In MediaWiki anyone can create templates, yet only those with access to JSPWiki's installation directory can add/remove plugins.


Description MediaWiki's templates JSPWiki's plugins
Call {{name}} [{name}]
Call with parameters {{name|param1=value1|param2=value no2}} [{name param1=value1 param2='value no2'}]

In this case, MediaWiki requires a page named Template:name and JSPWiki requires a java class (derived from WikiPlugin) named name in it's class directory.

Is there a tool that will import content from mediawiki to jspwiki?

--MLite, 26-Sep-2006

I made a simple importer, the code is pasted at It uses regex rather than formats such as xml, so it simple but perhaps doesn't have as many versioning issues. It doesn't handle all markup, just link and headers, and you may encounter some issues with the way jspwiki handles page names. Good luck!

--AnonymousCoward, 29-Jan-2007

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