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Just lately I have been getting more into hacking on JSPWiki; the things I am looking at, working on, or just vaguely interested in are summarized on the TODOList, but here are some further details for those who amy be interested (or just terminally bored.)

Porting/testing under jdk1.5#

JSPWiki compiles fine under 1.5, but the build script needs to be tailored so that the target classfile format can be specified. My Tomcat installation is still running under 1.4, so it chokes on 1.5 classes. Everything works fine if you specify target=1.4 in the javac tasks. I have also set source="1.4" (actually via some properties) to limit the amount of whining from the compiler.

New Templates#

Work in progress. I wanted to try and produce templates that are:

  • table-free (for layout)
  • XHTML-1.0-Strict/CSS2 conforming
  • retain similar look'n'feel to the current template set

Part of this is to have a crack at producing something to update the look'n'feel, part of it is to meet my own (ever growing) uses of JSPWiki, and part is to try and isolate all the layout issues in the CSS.

I had completed about 90% of the work when I discovered the NexBTemplate which has done a very similar thing, so I used that on something I wanted to get running quite quickly. However, having put so much work into it already, I must get around to polishing-up my templates and uploading them for others to use, criticise, abuse and bugfind. I do feel that my CSS-tagsoup is simpler and cleaner than the NexBTemplate CSS, but then we have slightly different purposes...

At this time it is not possible to produce conformant XHTML-1.0-Strict, since the WikiEngine itself does not produce conformant HTML. I may take a look at this if other people think this is something Good To Have.

Oh! Did I mention? To hell with ancient browsers.

I wrote a small JSP tag to list available InterWikiLinks, since some of my users are otherwise unaware that they can use these; I strongly believe that the InterWikiLink config must come out of the file so that users can configure this for themselves. It seems to me that the best method would be to have a special page (a la LeftMenu and company) where users can define InterWikiLinks themselves. Something like this shouldn't require administrator intervention.

Embedding JSPWiki#

... into other pieces of software. I don't know where to begin with this yet, as I am only starting to find my way around the code.

I find it interesting that there seem to be two distinct "camps" emerging: the "complexify" camp and the WikiZen camp. The complexify camp want to emulate wikis like Twiki, which are complex and have loads of bells & whistles. The WikiZen camp want to keep the beast simple, clean and elegant. I place myself in the latter group. Let the complexities come through plugins, filters, etc.

I accept that this sort of evolution is quite natural for many software artifacts -- it is certainly very common, except that there is usually not a strong, sufficiently clear-minded character in position to veto the complexifiers.

Well, the cited WikiZen camp seems not be too concerned about questions of a 'simple, clean and elegant' wiki but tries to go for something 'deeper', at least as I understand that page. Anyway, if you need need a calendar in a wiki, you must add one, even if this adds to the complexity. Luckily, there is a simple solution: As you suggest by ' Let the complexities come through plugins, filters, etc.' make any complexity you don't like an option. (I hope writing this comment on your personal page does not violate the WikiEtiquettea.) -- ReinhardEngel

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