WikiWandering on a quest to convince the world, or at least those folks that I work with, that the our organization's intranet is in need of a wiki...and content management system, a portal, web based project management software, easy to use web based forms and surveys tools, a collaborative drawing tool, a FAQ/knowledge base for every department, a way to markup maps and daigrams and associate locations with data, individual weblogs for anyone who wants one, a simple interface to SQL so everyone can dabble in databases, multiple issue tracking systems (IT, HR, membership, accounting...everyone has issues so they might as well track them) and more tools that I haven't even realized we have a need for. And any money I spend on the software and hardware reduces the amount of money available to replace aging workstations. But if it was easy they wouldn't need me around and it woulnd't be nearly as much fun.

Where theres a wiki theres a way, you just have to click around to find it.

Mike Moser

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy


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