!Hello, World!
Name's Mikkel Troest.\\
I was looking around for a Wiki that could run on my web server.\\
Not an easy task, really, since:
* It is an eComStation server
** which is the current incarnation of IBM OS/2
* Codepage is IBM-865 (Danish)
* JVM is 1.4.1_07
** I ''could'' use 1.4.2_05, but the 1.4.1 VM is a much, much better implementation.
* I use Apache Tomcat 5.5.16 as the servlet container
** with compability add-ons for JVM 1.4
* I use MySQL server 4.1.7 for back-end storage
Well, JSPWiki was the obvious choice. :)\\
I've sure learned a about [character encoding|UTF8Issues] and stuff, since I first downloaded JSPWiki. All of a sudden, I found myself involved in heavy testing of new releases, and I've even submitted a patch or two down the way. Thanks to JanneJalkanen for responding so quickly to my initial questions! That convinced me that you really care about this project, and that I'm not a complete dunce.
!Cheers! :O)
I've just been registered as a developer on the [JDBCProvider] project. Hey, I submitted a couple of bug reports and a patch, and now the nice people have actually signed me on.\\
Believe me! JDBCProvider is an uncut diamond. It's gonna be really neat! ;-)\\
I'm ''not'' a JAVA developer!\\
I'm a Network Systems Engineer working for a Danish Cisco Partner.\\
I got into hobby programming about 10 years ago. In the last couple of years I've  used Borland JBuilder as my favourite IDE, but these last few weeks I've been busy getting the hang of [Eclipse] (since that's what Janne's using for JSPWiki) and NetBeans (because that's what the other JDBCProvider guys are using.)\\
Dunno... I think I may favour Eclipse just a bit. It's too soon to tell, though...\\
\\''Actually, I'm using IntelliJ. -- [Daggerbox]''\\
''Sorry, Xan, it's just that the'' nbproject ''directory had me jumping to conclusions... ;-) Mikkle\\''
To all of you Wikies out there: __Let's keep this baby going!__\\
:O) Mikkle