This zip file has a set of minimal pages.  --[DaveBrondsema]

;:It would be cool if the files could be imported into the JSPWiki site so that we could see what they look like.  Though there might be duplicate name issues...  -BBD

!! Contents:
see also [DefaultWikiContent]

* {{{Main }}}
* LeftMenu
* LeftMenuFooter
* PageIndex
* RecentChanges
* System
* UndefinedPages
* UnusedPages
* WikiVariables

You do not need to have these pages in your wiki, just link them to this. You will have the current version.
* Project Tattooine
* TextFormattingRules
* SandBox
* WikiEtiquette
* EditPageHelp
* JSPWikiPlugins
* WikiNames
* WikiAttachments

Each page contains pretty much what it did in the original distribution, but with some links and comments removed.


I have only just found this page, and I think moving this suggestion into the next distribution for me would have a very high priority. The confusingly high amount of pages, some of which are required, others unnecessary and even outdated was a major stumbling block in setting up JSPWiki for a project.

I believe within the distribution, the perspective should be on providing template pages for ''content developers'', not ''JSP code developers''. All primary pages using plugins should be ready set up, so the plugin background information may well reside on the main JSPWiki site. Even more so, content authors have no chance of using any of the dozens of tags documented in the default distribution.

About the list above: I would move WikiVariables to the link-only category, and would move EditPageHelp to the distribution (allowing localization and adding locally useful tips).

Also: As many pages as possible without violation intuition of names should start with a "Wiki" prefix. This leaves a relatively clean namespace for wiki content authors. Pages I propose to rename are:
* ~WikiLeftMenu
* ~WikiLeftMenuFooter
* ~WikiSystemInfo

I am currently trying to rewrite such a set of pages, adding pages for heading tools, about (content!), copyright label and details.

-- Gregor Hagedorn - 2005-09-01



JSPWiki since 2.3.96 now has a separate zip file called "", based on the ideas from this page.  Please check it and give more suggestions!

-- JanneJalkanen