This template is a table free layout (see list of the Wanted Templates) based on the Default Template with some minor changes in order to get a similar look in Mozilla, Konqueror and IE 6.
Inspired by the I18N Template, I created an English/German version using the JSTL libraries. Unfortunately, the JSTL expression language does not work with the Wiki engine :-(
While working on the translation, I figured out that the template system will be changed in the next releases. Hope it's of help anyway.


  • Copy lib files into the WEB-INF/lib directory. (JSTL 1.1 libs in the attachment. If you have a server which does not support the Java Servlet 2.4 and Java Server Pages 2.0 specification please download the JSTL 1.0 libs from Jakarta web side.
  • No changes in the web.xml necessary.
  • Copy the language files (i18n directory with the properties files) into the WEB-INF/classes directory.
  • Template files as usual.
Libs require Java Servlet 2.4 and Java Server Pages 2.0 specification. Tested on TOMCAT 5.0.
With the 1.0 JSTL libs it also works with Java Servlet 2.3 and Java Server Pages 1.2 specification. Tested on Oracle IAS 10g (9.04).




Current version
Template Files(info)
Necessary libraries(info) (jstl.jar, standard.jar - JSTL 1.1)
Language files(info)
Older versions
Previous version(info) without internationalization libraries


Last update 2006-01-21 Redesign, (JSPWiki v2.2.33) Lutz Tietze

Attachments Minimal.Patch and Minimal.tar.gz can be deleted.

Nice template. Will you do it fo 2.5.xx?

--AnonymousCoward, 29-Jun-2007

Sorry, I am still happy with the old version and have not done anything.

--LutzTietze, 19-Sep-2007

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