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An enhanced version of Mrg template. I have enhanced the Mrg template in terms of its stlesheets images. I am currently using this version for my project website and lot of people seem to like it.




  • You could have multiple menus in your wiki. To have a new menu just create a page with _somename_ActualpageName. The template uses _somename_ and checks if there is a leftmenu named _somename_leftmenu. This is a quick and dirty way to have multiple menus
  • I have added a new link to subscribe to pages. This lets you create a page for storing address. Once this is done. You can run Hula as a stand alone program for email notification.


  • The login link currently does not work. In my current version I have used the default security provided by tomcat. I will fix this when I get some time. -- Anil

The modern template gives me this error:
/templates/modern/LeftMenu.jsp(31,0) According to TLD or attribute directive in tag file, attribute page does not accept any expressions
I am using current stable JSPWiki 2.0.52

I take it you are using Tomcat 5? There seems to be some trouble using this template with that. If you can, use Tomcat 4 instead, it works fine here. --KieronWilkinson

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