!!Morten Andersen 
Research Assistant Professor on [The Maersk Institute of Production Technology on Southern Danish University|http://www.mip.sdu.dk] working with a project, that is to make E-learning better by using a project based approach instead of the normal (Lectures/Exercises approach).\\
I attend to use a Wiki for some experiments to provide better infrastructure for the students working on a project.\\
Please contact me with ideas or comments on how to use Wiki in the learning process on my mail address: mortena@mip.sdu.dk. \\


!!!Messages for Morten
FYI, there's a broken link to your own place on the TableTemplate page.

I was intrigued to see your comments about using a Wiki to write documents. I am trying to do exactly that with my copy of JSPWiki. The thing I find missing is the means to output the Wiki in an XML or some other document format. Am I missing something? AlexMcLintock

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