!! Problem:
How to separate your domainwiki-pages from other wiki-pages (e.g. the corewiki-pages or default help-pages)?\\
The ~MultiVersionFileProvider is based on the default VersionFileProvider and solves the problem like this:\\
* You have to configure multi-page dirs in the jspwiki.properties (See Installation).
* If a page is requested, the provider looks in every pagedir and returns the correspondent page (if exists). 
* The first pageDir-entry is the master dir. Every NEW page is created in this dir. You can't create new pages in the other folders. 
Tested with JSPWiki Version 2.5.166-cvs.\\
It is not working with MultipleWikis, because the ReferenceManager is not refreshed.
!! Installation:
* Copy the [MultiVersionFileProvider.jar|MultiVersionFileProvider-0.1.jar] in your WEB-INF\lib folder.
* Edit the jspwiki.properties like this:

jspwiki.pageProvider = de.oomodeller.jspwiki.providers.MultiVersionFileProvider
jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir = c:\\wikipages\\domainpages
jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir.2 = c:\\wikipages\\defaultpages
jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir.3 = c:\\wikipages\\helppages

!! ~ToDo:
* Implement a MultiAttachmentProvider
* Tests with multiwiki-installations
-- OlafKaus, 04 Jan 08
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