As part of the discussion about the future of JSPWiki (compare Visions) an argument may be made that JSPWiki could excel for small focused project Wiki webs. This idea quickly leads to MultipleWikis installed, each focussed on a relatively narrow topic.

However, although current JSPWiki supports somewhat installing multiple Wikis on a single server, adding a new Wiki web is a tedious and time-consuming processing (compare, e.g., MultipleWikis, MultiWiki_Apache2Tomcat55_JSPWiki2_2_28_Discussion). Much information must be redundantly defined in the property files for each Wiki, making it likely that some, but not all Wiki Webs break when changes on the server are made. Furthermore, a number of, in my view essential features of a true "multi-wiki" are not available:

  • No search across Wiki webs.
  • Wiki webs are not automatically available as Interwiki links; they must be separately set in the property file for each Wiki web.
  • When a page is renamed, references in other Wiki webs are not automatically updated.
  • Topics/pages can not be moved from one Wiki web to another. Such a moving method is essentially a page rename across Wiki web boundaries. It is an important refactoring feature when running related webs, each of which should remain focussed.

Essentially a multi-wiki in the sense outlined above is a web of focussed wikis, which in its entirety acts as a Wiki. This is why, following the example of TWiki the individual Wiki parts may be called "Wiki webs".

Advantages that a truly integrated multiwiki would have (beyond solving the problems mentioned above):

  • Central pages (common copyright, license, contact, disclaimer, privacy policy, help pages, editing notes, broadcast messages) could be centrally administered in Main: or Meta: Wiki web.
  • Users of the Wikis could have a single sign-on, User pages could also be in the Main: or Meta: Wiki web.
  • The "rename-across" feature also works wonders in regard to the old problem of page/attachment deletion. Similar to TWiki one could define one web as Trash, and rather than providing a true deletion function, let users move any page (including the entire history and attachments) to the Trash web. If the deletion was an abuse, it is a simple operation to move pages back to where they belong, without loosing anything. Trash itself could, from time to time, be purged by administrators.
  • Useful special Wiki webs: "Meta:", "Help:" (perhaps to be included in Meta), "Users:", "Config:" (for setup of entire software, replacing current property files).

-- Gregor Hagedorn, 2005-10-06

We're working on this, BTW. Hard to say which timeschedule, but it's coming. I want to have a simple Admin UI, where there is a button "Create New Wiki". :-)

-- JanneJalkanen

Has there been any development on this? Is there anything I can help on? Maybe point me in the right direction to start working on this? I would like to see the ability to create new WikiWebs in JSPWiki developed soon.

-- Alex Reid

Well, feel free to join the JSPWikiMailingList to join the discussion. There are plans, yes, but at the moment getting 2.4 to be stable and working and the docs updated is taking priority.

-- JanneJalkanen, 23-07-2006

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