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May 30th, 2002 ++NiiloNeuvo#

Long parameters to plugins.#

After thinking about how to make the perfect image viewer or the HTML-plugin that was discussed in WikiMarkupDevelopment it turned out that providing a long list of parameters to a plugin is difficult.

Consider this (again experimenting with a nicer plugin model):

<<MyPlugin param1=42 param2="fish" MULTILINE>>

This may be kinda difficult. Is there a real need to do something like that?


If this is done you don't have to worry about raw HTML at all. That is probably the biggest immediate gain.


I'm sorry - I don't see how this helps at all. Could you elaborate?


Having a plugin that handles raw HTML would be easy to do. Thus eliminating the need to worry about raw HTML altogether.


No. The problem about allowing HTML is that it allows people to create a Wiki that harms the viewers. Making a plugin means that people can now write HTML to the page anyway - except that it's much more cumbersome than just simply not replacing every '<' and '>' with their HTML equivalents.


Multi-line plugin arguments are now available in v1.9.30 onwards. Functionality is not complete, though. --JanneJalkanen

OK. This functionality will be in 1.9.31, in the form:

[{MyPlugin param1=value1

everything that is written in the body,
  separated from the parameters using a single, empty line
     will be passed on to the plugin
        as is, no substitutions.

Including empty lines.

Good? Now someone can easily create their favourite HTML plugin... :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 06-Nov-2002

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