This Plugin is yet another plugin to run applets into JspWiki. I hope it is simpler than the others.

To use it, you just need to :
* put '__myAppletPlugin.jar__', situated in attachment, into '<tomcat_path>/webapps/<your_webapp>/WEB-INF/lib'
* add 'jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = myAppletPlugin' in your (located in '<tomcat_path>/webapps/<your_webapp>/WEB-INF/')

Then :
* add the jar file of your favorite applet in the attachment of the page that you will refer to in the 'archive' parameter of the plugin (for example freemindbrowser.jar that can be found here [])
* don't forget to do __explicit references__ to the files your applet may use
** absolute path : /<your_webapp_name>/attach/<your_page_name>/<file_name>
** local path from web page : ./attach/<your_page_name>/<file_name>


%%information Example of Applet plugin running freemindbrowser.jar
[{Applet debug='false' archive='MyAppletPlugin/freemindbrowser.jar'
code='freemind.main.FreeMindApplet.class' type='application/x-java-applet;version=1.4' scriptable='false'
modes='freemind.modes.browsemode.BrowseMode' browsemode_initial_map='./attach/MyAppletPlugin/'
initial_mode='Browse' selection_method='selection_method_direct' height='400'}]