MySQL is a fast, open source database. You can use MySQL with JSPWiki by using one of following contributed providers:

  • Sulka Haro's MySQLProvider - stores all page info in one table and all page text in another table; uses a new JDBC connection for each query.
  • DatabaseProvider Patch - stores latest versions of page info/text in one table and all versions of page info/text in another table; uses a single JDBC connection for all queries; will import latest versions of pages from a FileSystemProvider.
  • JDBC Providers - based on DatabaseProvider, with a similar table layout; also stores attachments; supports JDBC connection pooling and simpler models; will import all versions of pages and attachments from any other provider.

Possible reasons for using MySQL with JSPWiki rather than the built-in providers:

  • Presumably faster. How to test? Searching would be a lot faster if it could use MySQL indexed fulltext searching, but that only finds whole words.
  • Easier to transfer to another wiki engine that uses a database, as most do.
  • WikiNames unaffected by file system constraints, such as case-sensitivity.

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