NT Authentication#

The NT authentication module allows users to be authenticated against an NT Domain controller using the jcifs project libraries and the wiki authentication support.

There is also an ammended wiki jsp that corrects the behaviour to force logon if strict logons are requested.

Using latest jspwiki, jcifs 0.7.3, ant 1.5.4, j2sdk 1.4.1_03 and tomcat 4.1.18 Build Error:
    [javac] Compiling 1 source file to /root/jsp/src/cvs/JSPWiki/build
    [javac] /root/jsp/src/cvs/JSPWiki/src/java/com/valtech/wiki/auth/NTAuthenticator.java:39: 
            UniAddress(java.lang.Object) is not public in jcifs.UniAddress; cannot be accessed 
            from outside package
    [javac]                                     new UniAddress(NbtAddress.getLocalHost());
    [javac]                                         ^
    [javac] 1 error

file:/root/jsp/src/cvs/JSPWiki/build.xml:191: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

This module was developed against jcifs 0.7.16, try upgrade to this version and see how it goes.


JohnV is about to try this on an internal wiki (2.1.89) to see how well it goes. I've hopes that this combined with the auth code in 2.1.x and an updated Mrg template will work. Please stand by...

Way cool! A few things require a bit of tinkering but the concept here works like a charm. The biggest issue as I see it is that 2.1.x isn't yet complete security-wise. I needed to change Wiki.jsp, Edit.jsp and add a Sorry.jsp to get the behaviour that I wanted. The only thing missing is for the built in security to get finished and documented in a reasonable fashion. --JohnV

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