Namespace Index Plugin#

-- v1, July 2005, DF
-- v2, with improved formatting - ref suggestion by Adler, Sep 2006, DF
-- This page is obsolete! The NamespaceIndexPlugin is now included in NamespacePlugin, as a single package --DF, Aug 12, 2007.

Due to the absence of a hierarchical folder concept in JSPWiki, I am using extensively a dot syntax to group related pages together. (similar to the java package concept) Therefore, I needed a way to generate Index pages of a subset of wiki pages, based on a certain Namespace or page prefix.

For example, this plugin allows to generate an alphabetical index of all pages of the Zoo.Birds namespace. It would list all pages matching a certain Namespace, or page prefix, in alphabetical order. The links are displayed relative to the namespace base. Have a look at the PageIndex if you don't know how an index of pages looks like. The plugin implementation is based on the IndexPlugin

Related plugin: NamespacePlugin, IndexPlugin


The plugin has the similar parameters as the base JSPWiki IndexPlugin, including the undocumented arguments exclude and include. Addditionally, the namespace parameter defines the prefix to be processed.

 [{brushed.jspwiki.namespaceplugin.NamespaceIndexPlugin }]
 [{NamespaceIndexPlugin }]
 [{NamespaceIndexPlugin namespace='UC'  }]
 [{NamespaceIndexPlugin namespace='UC' exclude='Sandbox' itemsPerLine='1' }]

  • namespace : Optional root page of the namespace. All listed pages share the same namespace prefix.
  • include : Optional regular expression which specifies which pages to include. Optional. When a namespace prefix is specified, the plugin automatically includes only all prefixed pages. If needed, this parameter allows you to specify additional include rules.
  • exclude : Optional regular expression which specifies which pages to exclude.
  • itemsPerLine : n. Break every 'n' items on line. Optional, default value is zero.
  • delimiter: Delimiting characters used to breakup the namespace. Default is a dot (.)

Installation notes#

Add following entry to your WEB-INF/ file when you want to use the short plugin name. Make sure you don't leave any spaces at the end of the property definition.

jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = brushed.jspwiki.namespaceindexplugin,<other class paths>
Copy the Namespace.jar to the WEB-INF/lib directory.

This jar contains 2 plugins: NamespaceIndexPlugin and Namespace )

Finally, restart (or reload) your web-server.


- instead of creating a very formalised index (list of letters, etc), there could be an option to just do a simple list. For instance if the name space is Zoo, we would get a list with a title Zoo and then the animals: Zoo

  • Birds
    • Flamingo
    • Pelican
  • Mamals
    • Cow
    • Cat


That's an excellent suggestion. Indeed, it make sense for hierarchical namespaces to be able to generate this tree like structure. Would you see this as a mixture then, of an alphabetic tree and a hierarchtical tree ? (this is not clear from your example where I would expect cow and cat in the opposite order) --DF
indeed, sure! IMO, it should be alphabetic order. In my example I was just concerned with the organisation and forgot about the order, I'm sorry. (the other items were just luckly in order :) --Adler

- or, especially when you have a quite small number of pages, this could be enough (and saves a lot of space in your page)

  • Birds: Flamingo, Pelican,...
  • Mamals: Cat, Cow,...
Plugin has been updated: The output now contains an alpabetic list of all branches of the namespace, listing per branch all contained sub-pages.

Limiting depth#

What about limiting the depth? So, if I say [{NamespaceIndexPlugin depth=1 }] I would see just:
  • Birds
  • Mamals

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