My name is Nascif Abousalh-Neto and I am using the JSPWiki to keep track of internal projects at my company. I have some small projects here.

Kudos for the development team, this wiki is really a very nice application!

You can reach me at nascif at acm dot org.

Whoa! Wonderful bunch of plugins you've done! Thank you!

-- JanneJalkanen

Hey Nascif, would you like to pull GraphViz into your ImageGen package so I can drop it? Love ImageGen especially the charts. Drop me an email on the JSPWiki-users mailing list so we can coordinate a hand-over if you like. (Or possibly GraphViz is redundant and I can just drop it totally? Your thoughts please.) Thanks --JohnV

Hi Nascif,

Thanks for the extra effort. Your examples helped me a lot.

I still had problems after I used your example code, so I went into your source code and found a few things that didn't compile in my environment. Perhaps because I'm using later versions of JSPWiki and Java (1.5) than you are. So I made a few minor modifications, and it works fine for me now. You made a very useful package and I thank you for sharing it.

I've emailed you my revisions for you to look at, because I don't want to attach them to the main page without your approval.

Thanks again,


--AnonymousCoward, 23-Jun-2006

Hi I tried to use your insertattachment plugin. But it gives me "No attachment specified and no default value provided" Error. If I specify the default value then default value get print instead of error.

This was syntax.

[{InsertAttachment page='SandBox/tablecreation.txt' }]
Please guide me. Thanks CategoryHomepage

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