This is a list of all new bugs that have been entered in the BugReport database:

Bug AJAXUTF 8 Search Fail
Bug Commented Properties
Bug Empty Anchors Generated By Contextual Diff Provider
Bug Excluding Wikipages From RSS Feed
Bug External Links Using Jar Protocol Cannot Be Created
Bug File Not Found
Bug Links To Non Existent Attachments Are Not Outlined Red
Bug Login Failed When JNDI Resource Idle Timeout
Bug NPE On Verify Policy And Container Roles
Bug Null Pointer Exception In Filter Event For New Install
Bug Null Pointer Exception When Saving The User Profile JDBC
Bug Open In New Window Using Jspwiki.inter Wiki Ref.newhttp Stopped Working In JSP Wiki V 2.3.92 Alpha
Bug Permissions Ignored
Bug Please Help With Avatar
Bug Preview Upload And Logout All Redirect To Bad Pages
Bug RCS Change User Is Full Name Not Wiki Name.
Bug RCS Process Hangs
Bug Redirect Fails For Custom Group Login When Application Name Changed
Bug Request Rpc Handler Get Recent Changes To Take Null Date
Bug Save As Attachment
Bug Search Doesnt Work With Traditional Chinese Since Version 2.1
Bug Short View URL And Https Incompatible
Bug UTF 8 Search Fail
Bug Upload Attachment Error
Bug Uploading A File With A Semicolon In Path Or Name Causes Incorrect Wikiname
Bug User Manager Should Allow Backslash In Login Name
Bug Username Not Shown In LDAP Container Managed Configuration
Bug Version Info Wrong For Pages With 20 In Their Name
Bug Wiki Wizard Actions Fired As Side Effect Of Typing Polish National Characters.
Bug Wiki Wizard Java Script Internet Expolrer Add Event Listener
Bug_CASCADING The Weblog Plugin_

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