From a usability standpoint, JSPWiki should consider a new set of default page templates. Those currently provided with the distribution (2.2-2.3) are taken from Although appropriate for JSPWiki developers, they are poorly suited to start a project Wiki. Not only are many core pages inappropriate and need change, also the sheer number of programmer-oriented pages supplied makes it very difficult to find these pages.

Proposed set of template pages#


  1. To avoid cluttering JSPWiki itself - or introducing misinterpretations through pages such as CopyrightNotice - all pages truly point to a page starting with "Template4". The links inside all ~Template4... pages are also mostly modified to point to these template pages. Thus, to make the pages functional, both in their names and content all occurrences of "Template4" would have to be removed.
  2. WikiAdministration contains background information about how some of these pages are used in the ConfigurableTemplate.


The page names chosen and the content are just a first shot. As everything this could become much better if we collaborate! Please help! -- Gregor Hagedorn 2005-10-06

This is an excellent idea. Thanks for starting to make this work!

-- JanneJalkanen

Could you provide an attachment of the pages, so I could test it on my installation.


We are working with the JDBC provider, so I cannot. Someone with access to could do. Not that you have to rename them anyways. Currently this is intended to get some review, before truly integrating it into the JSPWiki releases. -- Gregor

There's now (v2.3.96+) a new set of JSPWiki pages called "" in the distro, which takes ideas from this page. However, I didn't rename them - I'm leaving it for later.

-- JanneJalkanen, 10-Apr-2006

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