Idea Categories#

Ideas submitted using the Submit New Idea page fall into one of the following categories:

Idea Types#

Ideas that you file using the idea submission form (SubmitNewIdea) need to be categorized. Here are the existing types of ideas:

Administration Idea
Filter Idea
Generic Idea
Idea Types
JSP Wiki Site Idea
JSP Wiki Version Three Idea
Markup Idea
Plugin Idea
Provider Idea
Template Idea
User Interface Idea

If you feel another type may be useful, you can add it in SubmitNewIdea form page itself, in this case please create a page [XXXIdea] describing the type, and link to this page IdeaTypes. The ReferringPagesPlugin will automatically update the list above with the new type page.

Ideas in alphabetical order#

Bug CSSINCLUDE.JS Doesnt Work Recurring Bug
Bug User Profile Not Getting Loaded At Login
Dave Wolf Favorites
Idea 2 Step Deletion Of DELETEME Pages
Idea AJAX features to make navigation more fast
Idea Ability To View Wiki Markup From Page Info
Idea Accesskey Support In Link Tags
Idea Add A Default Discussion Page For All Pages
Idea Add A Get Page Regexp Regexp Method To Page Manager
Idea Add Plugin Links To Reference Manager Or Plugin Manager
Idea Add Support For X Forms
Idea Add Tag Function
Idea Adding Date To New Ideas Pages Submited By Submit New Idea Automaticaly
Idea Adding New Functionality Ny Adding A New JSP Page
Idea Admin Creates User Profiles
Idea Align Engine Version On Sandbox Site
Idea Allow Leadingtrailing Hyphen In Wiki Name
Idea Allow Snip Snap Macros To Be Used As Plugins
Idea Amazon S 3 Page Provider
Idea An Option To Ignore Implicit References Referred Pages Plugin
Idea Anti Spam Automatic Graduation To Trusted Editor Group
Idea Apply The Samepage History Mechanism To The JSP Pages Too
Idea Attachment Metadata
Idea Attachment Order
Idea Attachment Page Re Naming
Idea Auto Linking
Idea Auto Numbered Headings
Idea Autoinclude Of Javascripts
Idea Better Attachment Cache Handling
Idea Birthday Finder
Idea Build Page Summary From Headings
Idea Buttons On Top Of Edit Page
Idea CSS Cleanup And Changes
Idea CSS Remove Class Wikitable
Idea Change Bar
Idea Changecurrent Version
Idea Chinaray
Idea Configurable File Extension Of JSP Wiki Pages
Idea Confluence Like Whitespace Handling
Idea Copy Of Existing Page
Idea Copy Preformated Text To Clipboard
Idea Create A Plugin Installation Mechanism Framework
Idea Create An RPC Interface To Search In The Wiki
Idea Custom Edit Forms
Idea Database Access Via JDBC
Idea Database Access Via JDBC 2
Idea Database Input And Reactive Query
Idea De Camel Case Pages Utility
Idea Default View Template Use Property File Value For Application Logo
Idea Delete An Attached File
Idea Delete Individual Revision
Idea Djole Ima Ideju Za Diplomski
Idea Download AHTML Table To Excel
Idea Download An Entire Page In A Word Document
Idea Eclipse Project Documentation Plugin
Idea Edit Only One Section Of A Page
Idea Edit Page Can The Edit Area Somehow Expand To Fit Entire Length Of Page And Markup Shown In Another Color
Idea Editor Manager Extensions
Idea Enforce Change Note Length Limit
Idea Enhance Numbered List With Start At Index
Idea Enhancing The Wiki With AJAX
Idea Extend Link Syntax Supporting Tooltips
Idea File System Provider Trashcan
Idea Form Date Picker
Idea Four Heading Levels
Idea Freemind Plugin
Idea Generate Session Expiration Events
Idea Generic Search
Idea Get Rid Of Redundant Word Plugin
Idea Hide Attachments
Idea Hover Box Buil In CSS
Idea I Calendar Plugin
Idea Idea Wiki Synchronization Via XMLRPC
Idea If Modified Since Header Support
Idea Image Map Plugin
Idea Image Producer Framework
Idea Image Thumbnails
Idea Implement Diff Storage For Versioning File Provider
Idea Include Documentation In JSP Wiki Distribution And The Default Theme
Idea Include Documentation In JSP Wiki Distribution And The Default Theme 2
Idea Insert A Wiki Page From An External Wiki
Idea Insert Page With Search Replace
Idea Installed Plugins
Idea Integration With The ZK Framework
Idea Inter Wiki Linking Dynamic Intrabet
Idea JSP Wiki As JSR 168 Compliant Portlet
Idea New Option For Opening A External Httpurls In A New Window
Idea Jspwiki Should Add Internationalization Feature
Idea Keep JSP Wiki Simple
Idea Limit The Links Per Page To Fight Spam
Idea Link Categories
Idea List Of Authenticated Users
Idea Local Or Relative Links
Idea Lucene Directory Checking
Idea Mail Authentication
Idea Mail Notification On Page Updates
Idea Make Basic Attachment Provider.mangle Nameunmangle Name Not Be Staticplz
Idea Make Profanity Filter Read Forbidden Words From A File
Idea Management
Idea Mantis Integration
Idea Metadata
Idea Metadata About Attachment
Idea Minor Improvements From Steve S
Idea Modification On JDBC Provider For Using Container Defined Data Sources
Idea More Exclamation Marks Should Mean Smaller Headings.
Idea Move Much More Template Business Into Wiki Pages
Idea Multiple Edits In Single Page To Edit Sections Of Page.
Idea Named Sections
Idea Noise Bot
Idea Notice And Style To Highlight Inserted Text
Idea Noversioning Tag
Idea OOB Sample Site
Idea Online Directory Main 2
Idea Page permissions problems.
Idea Page Content Should Be Inside A Named Div
Idea Page Header Customization
Idea Page Summary By Headings
Idea Peer Review
Idea Per User Update Statistics
Idea Personal Favorites In The Left Menu
Idea Personal Left Menu
Idea Personal Links
Idea Prevent Search Engines From Locking Pages
Idea Print Functionality
Idea Private Versioned Document Drafts
Idea Properties Not Required At Startup Should Be In Repository
Idea Publish Source Along With Binary For Nightly Release
Idea RSS Jspwiki.base URL
Idea Redirect Without Java Script
Idea Refactoring The Wiki Engine Class
Idea Relax Properties Parsing
Idea Remove The Chrome From The Edit Page
Idea Remove Wiki Engine From Session
Idea Reverse Headings
Idea Richer Table Formatting
Idea Save And Continue Editing
Idea Search Edit And Go To Buttons
Idea Search Edit And Goto Bookmarklets
Idea Search To Page When Found
Idea Section Wise Editing
Idea Simple HTML Markup Language
Idea Simple Image Plugins
Idea Single Version For Saves By Same User Within Hour
Idea Special Names For Beautify Titles
Idea Specific Access Level For Comment
Idea Spellcheck
Idea Stand Alone Wiki Parser
Idea Status
Idea Store User Profile Attributes In Users Page As Meta Data
Idea Struts
Idea Sub Wikis
Idea Support Non Breaking Space
Idea Support Superscriptsubscript Formatting
Idea Suspicious Edit Flag
Idea Table Decorators
Idea Table Summary Markup
Idea Tag Cloud
Idea Terminate numbered lists at blank line instead of a non-list line.
Idea The Chinese Version Of The Document
Idea Trimming Page Names By Words For Use In Templates
Idea Use Wiki Markup For Administration
Idea User Defined Global Variables
Idea User Selectable Templates
Idea Vote Result In Percent
Idea Web Editable Css And Templates
Idea What Is A Generic Idea
Idea Wiki Archive Generator
Idea Wiki Based Localization
Idea Wiki Content Specific CSS Extensions
Idea Wiki Doc
Idea Wiki Links Through XPATH Including Sub Pages Support
Idea Wiki Markup Plug Ins
Idea Wiki Reorganization Tool
Idea Wiki Tag For Current Template Absolute Path
Idea Wiki Variable For Jspwiki.special Page
Idea Wiki Wide Notice
Idea Wiki Wizard Images
Idea Wikimedia Feature
Idea Window Install
Ideas Attachment Page
Ideas Case Insensitive Wiki Name Matching
Ideas Category Aggregator
Ideas Supporting Prints By Adding The URL To An External Link Or Wikipage
New Idea
Ongoing Discussions
Wiki Forms Example

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