What is new in JSPWiki 3.0 ?#

This is a work in progress........

  • Licensing - JSPwiki is now under the Apache License.
  • Localizations - Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Russian and Italian localizations added!
  • Logging - Logging by JSPWiki is now done with slf4j, see http://www.slf4j.org for details.
    You can now decide at runtime which logging implementation you want,
    just pick the right slf4j implementation and drop it in WEB-INF/lib.
    The default implementation is log4j, so you don't have to switch to anything else unless you have a good reason.
    The log4j configuration statements have been moved to a separate file log4j.properties,
    this file should be on your CLASSPATH, by default it is placed in WEB-INF/classes
  • New Plugin - A new plugin was added that shows you all plugins that are available: PluginIndexPlugin

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