''These are archived [Clearwell SystemInfos|News] from the year 2001.  Enjoy this unique historic look to the development of JSPWiki. :-) --[JanneJalkanen]''


* (Well, 03-Dec, really...) Installed v1.6.2-cvs.  This sort of solves a problem 
  that I've found very annoying: We now have a way to quickly see what was the
  last change.  Click on the page modification date, on the bottom of the screen 
  to see the last change.
* The PageInfo.jsp has also changed, and now it can show a difference between
  any previous version and the current version.  Let me know if you find any


* Installed JSPWiki v1.6.1-cvs on this server.  Two new nice features are available:
** Referral lists.  JSPWiki can now tell you which are the [unused pages] or [undefined pages] or which pages refer to this page (see the left menu).
** New plugin architecture.  You can now embed commands to include plugins on pages.  See [RecentChanges] or [LeftMenuFooter|Edit:LeftMenuFooter] for an example.  Incidentally, this makes [RecentChanges] quite editable :-).  There will be [documentation|JSPWikiPlugins] coming soon.

* Simple fix to ReferenceManager bug; 'referred by' info should be correct now.


* Checked 1.6.1-cvs in. Not a release, obviously, but incorporates a major
  new feature: display of referring pages, unreferred pages, missing pages.
  Please install in test systems only and let me know of problems. --[ebu]
** ...and immediately found the first problem: creating a link, clicking on
   it to edit, and saving does not update the page with the link into
   referrers. My bad, fix a'comin'. --[ebu]


* Released and installed the [1.6.0|JSPWikiDownload].  New since 1.5.7-beta: very little, but everyone running 1.5.0 might be interested about the contents.


* Released and installed the [1.5.7-beta|JSPWikiDownload].


* Released and installed the [1.5.5-beta|JSPWikiDownload].


* Oops, forgot two important bug fixes (fallback to ISO-8859-1 which caused
  most pages with previous scandinavian letters to be empty), and diffs
  were also generated with platform default encoding.  Fixed in v1.5.4-cvs, running
  on this server now.  Please test and [let me know|mailto:jalkanen+jspwiki@ecyrd.com]
  if you have any problems.


* Installed JSPWiki engine v1.5.3-cvs.  This is definitely an experimental version, so don't be alarmed if something stops working.  New stuff includes:
** Editor name is now saved if you use RCSFileProvider and is visible in PageInfo.
** Document type declarations on all pages
** Plenty more styles
** You can't put Javascript into links anymore.  Nyah, nyah :-)
** Empty list items would cause crashes.
** Full UTF-8 support, configurable from jspwiki.properties.  This Wiki is run with the support on, [check this for proof|???].  (If you can't see anything, you don't have Japanese fonts installed.)
** Bug fix: PageInfo would report UTC, not local time.


* Installed JSPWiki engine v1.5.0, with little additions to the testing versions.  The major biggie is editable [LeftMenu] (please don't ruin the entire layout :-)].
* Oh yeah, the v1.5.0 release is also [available for download|JSPWikiDownload].


* Installed JSPWiki engine v1.4.2-cvs for testing purposes, with the following fixes:
** [Footnotes|TextFormattingRules]
** The ability to use other than ASCII letters in link names.
** You can directly view old versions from page info.
* Oh yeah, and for some odd reason, at least NS and IE 4.x put too much extra lining
  between the heading and the top of the page.  No need to report that. =)


* Minor fix: went to Tomcat 3.2.3.  If anything suddenly stopped working, let me know.
* Edit page now wraps correctly on Netscape 4.x.  This is a separate fix and will be available in 1.4.1 onwards.  I didn't upgrade the engine yet.


* Installed JSPWiki engine v1.4.0.  This is a real release of the things
  we've been checking in the v1.3.x series, so there are no new features.
  However, [a new package has been released|JSPWikiDownload] for your


* Installed JSPWiki engine v1.3.3.  Testing again, this time we have two
  nice additions:
** The ability to specify which types of images get inlined using regular
   expressions, and
** the ability to write multi-line list items.  You just need to prepend
   the line with a space to indicate that this is still a part of the 
   previous item.


* Installed JSPWiki engine v1.3.2.  This is just a test version, but it includes [inline images|InlineImageLinks].  It also allows you to use "_" and "." in [WikiNames|WikiName].


* Installed JSPWiki engine v1.3.1.  This release mainly fixes some bugs, but it also brings a small cosmetic enhancement in the form of CSS.  Also, the bold and italic marks no longer end at the end of the line.
* The JSPWiki v1.3.1 is now downloadable from [JSPWikiDownload].


* Installed JSPWiki engine 1.3.0.  This engine adds the ability to do InterWiki linking (see [TextFormattingRules]) and a [system information page|SystemInfo] with some "interesting" information.  You can also access the [SystemInfo] page by clicking the title at the top left corner.


* We now have 98 pages.  Keep adding more :-)


* New engine v1.2.0 added.  It provides some interesting stuff such as versioning.  Check the "More Info" link at the bottom.  I moved all of the old pages directly into the new system, so if the page has not yet been changed, you won't get a diff or a revision history.
* I also removed the port 8080 support.  You'd better use the direct URL right now...


* We now have 93 pages.


* We now have 82 pages.


* JSPWiki is now running at port 80 [http://www.ecyrd.com/JSPWiki/].  Port 8080 will be closed soon.  JSPWiki is also [available through SSL|https://www.ecyrd.com/JSPWiki].
* Someone found a way to make the JSP page go nuts by adding lots of {'s.  Now fixed.
* JSPWiki engine v1.1.1 installed.


* We now have 52 pages.
* JSPWiki 1.1.0 engine installed, with new stuff:
** Search box in all page windows (look at top corner)
** Added support for {{monospaced text}}.
** A couple of bug fixes.


* Implemented a rudimentary algorithm for checking for concurrent modification of a page.
* Also, page history should now be more clear with the addition of page names to the titles.


* Added much better search (works a bit like all common search engines)
* Horizontal rulers are now four dashes instead of three to be more consistent with other Wikis.
* Added numbered lists.


Whee, [RecentChanges] now works.  It ain't pretty, but it's functional! --[Janne|JanneJalkanen]


Made actual installation of this server into grey instead of just a test installation. --[Janne|Janne Jalkanen]


Implemented this page.  Also implemented stuff like ''italic'' and __bold__ text.  --[Janne|JanneJalkanen]