News from the year 2002.



  • Making the releases-within-24-hours -record here (though midnight has passed). Version 2.0.6. is now available from the usual place, or within a couple of hours, directly with HTTP. Now all of the WikiAttachments are also recognized by the Reference Manager, which means that you can now see which pages refer to attachments, or if the mother page gets deleted, orphaned attachments. Nearly ready for beta now.
  • Inspiration struck, so wrote quickly a way to make RecentChanges also show the latest changes in WikiAttachments. So, here you are, a few hours later, v2.0.5. :-). Pretty much one more thing remains for 2.0 beta, which is to combine WikiAttachments to the Reference Manager.
  • Installed 2.0.4, fixing a couple of annoying uploading bugs, as well as allows you to restore previous versions of pages again. Sorry, no release this time, but you can easily grab the nightlies or get your own copy from CVS. The Debian package is up-to-date, however :) --Killer


  • Installed and released 2.0.3. This version just fixes some annoying bugs in 2.0.0. Please see the ChangeLog for more information.
  • Pruned away a bunch of old pages that were linking to DELETEME.


  • Yap. 2.0 is out. I'm still calling it alpha, though, since there are some known missing features and bugs still left. Nothing much changed from 1.9.48, except for that the go stuff went to a separate project, and we now beautify titles in a different (albeit buggy, again :( ) manner. But please do help us in testing 2.0, so that we can release a stable version as soon as possible!


  • Busy, busy. Installed a new version of JSPWiki code, 1.9.48, which has much better attachment functionality. For example, you can link to the attachments from other pages, local pages, etc. Instructions are forthcoming. In addition, CamelCase links should now work correctly.


  • Installed 1.9.46. This version has some bug fixes, and the first functional version of the attachments code. It is not certain whether this will be the final format how the attachments are going to work, but it might well be. See AttachmentsDemo.


  • Installed 1.9.42. This version has mostly internal changes, but it does also fix a fairly fatal bug in UserPreferences. For those who are running an authenticated version of JSPWiki, please do check the ChangeLog carefully - there has been a small, but significant change.


  • Took the big leap and installed 1.9.39. This version has an entirely new TranslatorReader, which in turn probably means that something just broke. However, it has been relatively stable in an another test installation, so perhaps it works :-). We also do some other stuff, like:
    • Entities are now retained properly (τ σ)
    • You can now escape '|' in a table by using the generic escape operator ''
    • Tables are now closed properly.
    • Startup time has been enhanced somewhat.
    • True multiline plugins.


  • Updated the server to tomcat 3.3.1. Greedily eyeing series 4. --ebu
  • And changed right back - jk configuration files have changed enough that it isn't a simple switch-links operation. Sorry for the downtime. --ebu


  • Updated to 1.9.30-cvs. This version brings in some niceties in plugin handling:
    • Plugins now have access to page-specific context variables
    • You no longer need the "INSERT"
    • New Counter plugin


  • Quickly upgraded to 1.9.27-cvs. You can now stop CamelCase links from being formed by using a (tilde, worm) in front of the WikiWord.


  • Upgraded this site to 1.9.26-cvs. This version introduces a way to restore earlier versions of pages relatively trivially. I say relatively, because we don't want to make restoring old versions so easy, people would accidentally restore them :-). To see this in action, go to SandBox, and choose "More Info...", then click on any older version.


  • Upgraded this site to 1.9.25-cvs to fix a couple of relatively fatal problems. As usual, the ChangeLog will tell you more. Hopefully we no longer do RCS checkouts on each page view...


  • We seem to have unusually many German visitors, all coming from here. (Yay, press publicity :-).


  • Installed the current development version of JSPWiki 1.9.x. Let's hope this actually works. Please report any anomalies on BugReports. So, what's new? Plenty. See
    • Yes, the whole site feels a bit more sluggish than it was. This is simply due to the load using JSP tags cause. Oh well.



  • For those who have been tracking the JSPWiki2, note that with 1.9.19 a significant bunch of changes landed, including the new template system. The current thinking is documented in doc/Templates.txt. Comments are appreciated. However, note that because of the transition is still in progress, everything in that archive is quite broken.


  • Released JSPWiki 1.8.2. This is just a bugfix release, which resolves an issue with cookies (and UserNames) as well as the annoying "new page shows 'no difference' when you check in RecentChanges". Available at the usual place.


  • JSPWiki 1.9.3 should now have functioning CamelCase links. The question is - do you want to see it backported to 1.8.2 and released separately? Yes, that would be great! --DanielAborg


  • Turned on jspwiki.breakTitleWithSpaces to see if it's useful.
    • That is kind of nice. But it doesn't display titles with acronyms very well (for an example, see JSPWikiSites). -- MahlenMorris
    • Yup. I know. Unfortunately, the algorithm that does it is quite simple, and it should probably skip adding spaces if it thinks the page name is an acronym. However, this is not exactly trivial =). --JanneJalkanen
    • Only add spaces if the letter before the capital letter is a lower case letter? -- NiiloNeuvo
    • Nope. That would mean that things like "MakeAPage" would show up as "Make APage". You need to check for three consecutive upper case letters, and even in that case you still might miss some things. On the other hand, you could check if the letter is "A" and then not add spaces, but that does not work with other languages than English. As I said, not trivial :-). --JanneJalkanen


  • Anyone who is downloading the CVS version (as if there were any of you :-) will notice some rapid fluctuations in the future. The current CVS trunk is now the home of 1.9.x, which is to be 2.0. in some distant future, which means that there will be major changes in the code. So don't expect anything to work, but if you're interested what is going on, by all means, check the CVS version.


  • Big oops. 1.8.0 was hosed; and many people had problems with it. This really teaches me NOT to release something, then go away for a few days... Surfing with Palm over a GPRS link is a pain. Oh well - 1.8.1 has been released. Please let me know if it solves the problems - it's nothing but a recompile on the JDK 1.3.1 compiler.


  • Whee! JSPWiki 1.8.0 has been released! Promotions all around!
    • New stuff: Automatic matching of English plurals, and others. Check the Changelog for more info!


  • JSPWiki 1.7.10-beta has appeared magically out of a void. You can download it from JSPWikiDownload. This is mostly a bug-fix release, with the following additions:
    • RSS feed should now be fully RSS compliant.
    • There is now a way to set up the default plugin search path.
    • Added the XML link icon, directing you to the RSS feed.
    • We also support RSS autodiscovery, as detailed here.


  • I had a piece of free time today, so here's JSPWiki 1.7.9-beta. Download from the usual place. Most notable changes are:
    • UserPreferences now has a "clear" button.
    • We have switched to an internal Diff engine, and are no longer relying on an external diff program to show changes.


  • Installed a new version (1.7.8, available from CVS as usual in a few hours). This version contains a whole new parsing code for plugins, which means that you can use quoted arguments. See the CurrentTimePlugin for an example of that in action. Oh yeah, and obviously the CurrentTimePlugin is all new =).
    • Also fixed: Nested #'s and *'s (sort of), and the HREF problem in listLinks() (non-existant pages got wrong HREF).


  • A new version installed (1.7.7) to fix the XML-RPC RecentChanges problem with timezones. Nothing else is new.


  • This server has moved and all IP addresses seem to have propagated, even to the root name servers. Kewl. Everything should be running fine now - if you have any problems, drop me some mail.


  • There will be a breakdown in service tomorrow (29-Apr-2002) starting from around 10.00 UTC. The server hosting will be moved to a new location, and the IP address changes. It will take time for the new IP addresses to propagate, so if you can't connect, just try it out a few hours later.


  • (Later that night). I upgraded JSPWiki to 1.7.6. This version should provide a much richer RSS experience. In case anyone is actually following this :-).
  • We've started the process of moving this site to another location. We're now changing our name servers, so there might be sudden breaks in service.


  • Installed v1.7.5, which has an experimental RSS feed. Please test this out in your favourite RSS reader.



  • The machine JSPWiki is running will be physically moved across the town within this month, so expect a disruption of services at some point. Also, the IP address will change, so don't worry if you can't find for a while. It takes a while for DNS changes to propagate to the nearest name server to you.


  • It is now possible to go to UserPreferences and set yourself a name there. This name is then stored in your browser as a cookie, and every time you edit a page, that name is stored. Note that this functionality is still in testing phase, and there will be changes, so expect that you might have to set the name again after a while. This functionality is available in CVS, so you might want to take a look at it. If you're running a Wiki that has user access control, then that username is preferred to the one set by you.
    • NOTE: Yes, we know. Using something else than a proper WikiName will cause a crash. Sorry, will be fixed soon. :-)



  • Installed JSPWiki 1.7.2-cvs. This should fix a problem with some browsers returning random line endings. The posted data is now filtered and equipped with proper line breaks (CRLF, as not to break the existing Wiki installations.)


  • Installed JSPWiki 1.7.1-cvs. This version brings adds a preview option (try editing a page!) and fixes a couple of bugs.



  • (You can grab the newest version from CVS at about 5 am EET. I sincerely do hope this would now be ready for final release... :-)
  • Whoops, spoke too soon. I realized I had the old VersioningFileProvider code lying around, so I integrated that into CVS. If you're interested in trying out something else for versioning than RCSFileProvider, then you might want to try this. However, DO NOT USE IT FOR ANY REAL PROJECT. It might lose data - it's just an initial version. Please report your findings on BugReports.



  • MahlenMorris: I've written a little server-side thingy running on my server that can conglomerate pages from this Wiki and put them all together in one page, suitable for printing or snarfing into a Palm or Rocket eBook. Very crude so far, but a working demo. It's currently at It's the WikiRPCInterface in action!


  • Installed and released v1.6.11-beta. This one rewrites table support to be more robust, and fixes a couple of bugs.


  • Installed v1.6.10-cvs, which is hopefully going to be the last version before a beta or the 1.7.0 -release. This version should fix the XML-RPC bug of sending the page modification date in local time instead of UTC, and also fix the appearance of tables in some browsers. Also, undefined pages and unused pages appear now in sorted order.


  • Installed v1.6.9-cvs. This one brings loads of changes, including things like:


  • In a fit of madness, I wrote a small script that checks out the latest version of the JSPWiki code from CVS and puts it out on the web. If you're interested in seeing where JSPWiki development is going, check it out.


  • Installed v1.6.7-cvs. This version fixes a couple of oddities when viewing previous versions of a page (previous releases would always show the wrong modification date), and it also provides a new method for the XML-RPC API. See WikiRPCInterface for more.


  • Installed 1.6.6-cvs. The cool thing about this is that we have now an XML-RPC interface for external scripting and such. Take a look at WikiRPCInterface to see what is supported. In addition, a couple of internal bugs were fixed, and there has been some merciless refactoring going on.


  • Slightly modified the JSP template to fit the page information & such things on the bottom. Let me know if you like it or not.


  • Okay. JSPWiki is now free-for-all: you no longer require to log in. Of course, abuses cause this to be locked in again, yadda yadda... :-) Note that your IP address gets logged. If you don't like this, then you should not edit things.


  • Oops, something broke. RecentChanges sometimes gives you a servlet error from a NullPointerException. I am looking for the cause.


  • Installed v1.6.5-cvs. RecentChanges are now very much faster, since they no longer do RCS checkouts for each file every time =).


  • Installed v1.6.4-cvs. New stuff: the "referenced by" -list on the left can no longer grow too big, and the RecentChanges list shows the name of the last person to modify a page. However, this made the generation of RecentChanges quite slow, and thus I won't release this version until it has been fixed.
  • Oh yeah, and PageModified.jsp no longer crashes :-). --JanneJalkanen


  • Installed and released v1.6.3-beta. Please test and report!
  • Oh yeah, and sorry about the silence. I managed to simultaneously move, change jobs, spend a two-week vacation, and celebrate the holiday season. Very little time for coding :-). (Right. In fact it's the fault of all that beer your moving help left in the fridge. The ungrateful bastards. =) --ebu)

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