Old Clearwell Systems from year 2003.


  • Pruned away a bunch of obsolete pages.


  • Back from the holidays; and in time to release 2.1.86-alpha. This version brings in some bug fixes, "section" -parameter for IncludePage plugin, the ability to separate create permissions from edit permissions, a WeblogArchivePlugin, and saving from previews. Get it from JSPWiki Download.





  • Dropped in the new logo, from ebu. It probably does not work on browsers that don't understand PNG transparency (but I hope nobody uses those anymore).


  • Updated to 2.0.52, which should bring considerable caching improvements. Let me know if you spot something odd going on.


  • Released and installed 2.0.50. It fixes a few bugs, nothing more.



  • Installed and released 2.0.49. This version integrates OSCache, so caching is now a lot more intelligent. For example, try to search for something...


  • Installed 2.0.48-cvs. Let me know if there are any problems.


  • I nearly missed it, but JSPWiki is now officially two years old! Whee!


  • The summer release - 2.0.45 - is here. Get yours while they last!
  • CVS version contains a version with user authentication. It might work, but you might want to poke around, if you're really enthusiastic about it.


  • Dumped all of the tag documentation from the stable release over here. See JSPWikiTags.


  • Installed 2.0.43, which brings in a completely new RSS feed! Try it out!


  • Installed the CVS version from the stable branch onto this site. If this behaves, I will make a new stable release soonish. Notable fixed bugs are:
    • RSS Generation works now with attachments.
    • Some other bugs relating to attachment link generation were also fixed.
    • CachingProvider can check if pages have been externally changed (which should make life a lot easier for those who use multiple Wikis on the same set of files)
    • A couple of kinks ironed out from the installation process.


  • We suffered a strange crash last night, apologies to anyone that got bitten by that. This raises suspicions, however, that we have some serious resource leak in the code - it seems that JSPWiki is not releasing file handles somewhere at the rate it should be releasing them. If anyone happens to spot a place where we don't close things properly, please let me know. We already fixed one, but there seems to be more (see below).


  • Upgraded to the newest stable release, 2.0.39. Go get it. :-) Try the FindPage - it is noticeably faster now than it was before (assuming you're using the caching page provider).


  • Update: We suddenly ran out of file handles which is why the site was serving very erratically. Should be fixed now. (JSPWiki is getting very popular :-).
  • I delved very deeply into Tomcat-Apache configuration, and managed to get Tomcat to work properly with virtual hosts. I'll document this later on, but suffice to say so far that is was quite... interesting. But cookies and session should now work properly, so page locks and "Your trail" are ok. Apologies to everyone who attempted to access the site and got errors.
  • Please fix your bookmarks now. The correct url is http://www.jspwiki.org!


  • We are now live at new URL: http://www.jspwiki.org/. All old URLs still work, thanks to the magic of mod_rewrite :-). There are still a couple of glitches, and you will need to set your UserName again. Sorry.
    • Glitches seem to be gone. mod_rewrite is really one of the coolest things around =).


  • Stresstesting the JSPWiki caused the entire machine to run out of memory and lock up. Sorry, won't happen again, since we now know that JSPWiki scales - the computer will fail first :-).
    • Um. Yes, I noticed. A friendly colleague agreed to stop by the facility to kick poor ecyrd.com into submission. Should we consider a very simple load control facility in JSPWiki to prevent enthusiastic testing.. um, ok, dossing? --ebu


  • Happy, happy, joy, joy! 2.0 stable has been released, and is running live on this site right now. :-)


  • Did a general removal of all pages referring to DELETEME on their first line.


  • Upgraded to 2.0.35, which contains just a couple of bugfixes.


  • This site has become dangerously unstable recently. It seems that the combination of Apache 1.3+Tomcat 4.1.18+mod_jk+Java 1.4.1 does not work very well, and we get odd signal 11 crashes from the JVM itself. I've downgraded us temporarily to Java 1.3.1 to see if it helps.


  • Joining final patches for 2.0 stable (BreadcrumbsTag now works as advertised). If you have opinions on anything that should be urgently fixed before we go stable, then drop your comments at TODOList.


  • Installed and released 2.0.32-beta. I really do hope that this should be close to a stable release.


  • Installed 2.0.25. This version should have a bit better attachment support.


  • Fixed a bug with JDK1.4 and migration from older versions, and put up 2.0.21. Now I know how to handle pesky Charsets :-).


  • Oops. 2.0.19 still had a pretty dangerous bug with Windows and attachments, so the attachment saving scheme changed again for 2.0.20. Take a look at the ChangeLog for more information.


  • Installed 2.0.19. This version of JSPWiki has now a "trail" feature, contributed by KenLiu. If you have cookies enabled, the ten last pages you've visited can be seen above, right below the title of the page.
  • This version also brings in some changes for WikiAttachments, and unfortunately it means that some of the attachments had to be removed. We now urlencode all files on disk. If you have an older version with attachments, note that you may have to rename them by hand in order for JSPWiki to find them.


  • Installed 2.0.15, which adds a new WikiVariable: "uptime". I was too busy to look into other things, but needed something small to hammer on :-).


  • Installed 2.0.14, fixing a very nasty bug in the FindPage, that would occur with any ServletContainer that pools tags. This version has also been released under a beta label.


  • Switched to Tomcat 4.1.18. This was a long overdue move, but for a reason: getting a 4-series tomcat to work nicely with an older JDK and 1.3 series apache is nasty when you jump in from from series 3. --ebu


  • Installed 2.0.12. This version brings in a couple of usability niceties.
    • If you now start to edit a page, that information is stored inside PageManager, which in turn means that the next person to start editing a page will see a warning.
    • We now also set the Expires and Last-Modified headers hopefully correctly for Edit.jsp files, so that IE users should no longer see freak "text disappears in preview" -accidents. Please test this and let me know if it works correctly.


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