• Locked the Main page so that only people who have set an user name can edit it. Frequent visitors, please make our front page a bit more presentable :)


  • Got tired and added the entire TLD of China to the SpamFilterWordList (so, no links to anything in China anymore). Sorry to all good Chinese people - if you can't keep your spammers at bay, I'm not playing. If this continues, I will turn this site into a read-only resource in China.


  • Added a new system for submitting bug reports to replace the old BugReports system. Please, please help me in moving the old bugs to the new system - I will only touch a bug if it's on its own page from now on...


  • Set the maximum attachment size to 100,000 bytes (new feature in 2.1.118).


  • Added the SpamFilter to the configuration of this Wiki. I haven't configured it very far yet, but I'll add new spam words to the list as they occur. If anyone wants to write a MTBlacklist compatible version of the SpamFilter, that would be cool.



  • Now Safari works again. Or to be more precise, my Javascript is no longer braindead, only just maimed a bit.
  • Saving should also be a wee bit faster


  • I did a radical thing and upgraded this site to run the all-new JSPWiki CVS. Let's stress-test this baby :)
    • Oops, apparently Safari does not like the new default template... Investigating.


Persist image cache for the transformed images --Mario




fixed: conversion
new: rotate


Just-for-Fun: This plugins replaces :-) by emoticons images.


  • Added ImageXPlugin to the "concept plugin" section -- Mario





  • Did the Oh, bugger it - let's get it out -release of the latest alpha. Get it from JSPWikiDownload.


More spam back from which I have just deleted. It had a whole hour of life. AndrewCates


I wrote a bit about JSPWiki in the german wikipedia http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSPWiki
Please write something more down there. One admin thouth it was just advertisment! -- Heinz

I have reverted spam on twenty or so pages. Please could someone block the relevant IP address? AndrewCates


  • Cleaned away obsolete versions of some very popular pages (such as SandBox and Main).


  • Some losers just can't figure out that a "cracking" a wiki is not exactly a master feat. *sigh*


  • As proposed on WhyChooseJSPWiki I did some work and added a project entry for JSPWiki to freshmeat.net. Janne, if you have an account there you can takeover the project. AFAIK anybody here can add new release entries to both branches I've made: stable and development.
    • I am on freshmeat but the link gives an error? I am happy helping to put stuff there if it helps. I put some comments in a Twiki article and JSP is so much better than Twiki AndrewCates oh and if you are looking for me I am BozMo there!


  • Grr... There seems to be automated spam coming in. This may unfortunately mean that we have to do some changes in the configs. Perhaps mandate compulsory logins.


  • Plenty of WikiTrolls around... Blocked a couple of IP addresses.




  • Installed Tomcat 5 on this system... It's way faster - loads have dropped at least 30%.
(Janne, I added some notes about this to your Blog but I'm not sure where the best place to share this info here is. -- Scott Hurlbert)


  • Removed the "Page size" from the info pages. It was giving too much of a load on this machine, as a bunch of badly behaving spiders started hammering at them (ignoring our robots.txt). Boo hiss.

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