* Locked the [Main] page so that only people who have set an user name can edit it.  Frequent visitors, please make our front page a bit more presentable :)


* Got tired and added the entire TLD of China to the [SpamFilterWordList] (so, no links to anything in China anymore).  Sorry to all good Chinese people - if you can't keep your spammers at bay, I'm not playing.  If this continues, I will turn this site into a read-only resource in China.


* Added a new system for [submitting bug reports|SubmitBugReport] to replace the old [BugReports] system. Please, please help me in moving the old bugs to the new system - I will only touch a bug if it's on its own page from now on...


* Set the maximum attachment size to 100,000 bytes (new feature in 2.1.118).


* Added the SpamFilter to the configuration of this Wiki. I haven't configured it very far yet, but I'll add new spam words to the list as they occur. If anyone wants to write a [MTBlacklist|http://www.jayallen.org/projects/mt-blacklist/] compatible version of the SpamFilter, that would be cool.


* Added [ImageMapPlugin] --[SebastianBaltes]


* Now Safari works again. Or to be more precise, my Javascript is no longer braindead, only just maimed a bit.
* Saving should also be a wee bit faster


* I did a radical thing and upgraded this site to run the all-new JSPWiki CVS. Let's stress-test this baby :)
** Oops, apparently Safari does not like the new default template... Investigating.

* updated [ImageXPlugin]
Persist image cache for the transformed images

* updated [ImageXPlugin]
* Easy screenshot upload: [Uploader]

* updated [ImageXPlugin] --Mario
fixed: conversion\\
new: rotate

* Added [Emoticons Filter] to the "concept plugin" -- Mario
Just-for-Fun: This plugins replaces :-) by emoticons images.

* Added [ImageXPlugin] to the "concept plugin" section -- Mario

* Added [Applet Plugin] --[SebastianBaltes]

* Added [MathPlugin] --[SebastianBaltes]

* Hi folks; I managed to get some basic integration between WebDAV and JSPWiki, exposing a JSPWiki site as a WebDAV mountable share. Check out an entry on my blog at [http://codinginparadise.org/weblog/2004/08/i-added-webdav-to-open-source-wikiwiki.html] for details. BradNeuberg.


* Did the Oh, bugger it - let's get it out -release of the latest alpha. Get it from [JSPWikiDownload].


More spam back from which I have just deleted. It had a whole hour of life. AndrewCates


I wrote a bit about JSPWiki in the german wikipedia [http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSPWiki]\\Please write something more down there. One admin thouth it was just advertisment! -- Heinz

I have reverted spam on twenty or so pages. Please could someone block the relevant IP address? AndrewCates


* Cleaned away obsolete versions of some very popular pages (such as SandBox and [Main]).


* Some losers just can't figure out that a "cracking" a wiki is not exactly a master feat. *sigh*

* As proposed on WhyChooseJSPWiki [I|BorisFolgmann] did some work and added a [project entry|http://freshmeat.net/projects/jspwiki/] for JSPWiki to freshmeat.net. Janne, if you have an account there you can takeover the project. AFAIK anybody here can add new release entries to both branches I've made: stable and development.
**I am on freshmeat but the link gives an error? I am happy helping to put stuff there if it helps. I put some comments in a Twiki article and JSP is so much better than Twiki AndrewCates oh and if you are looking for me I am BozMo there!


* Grr... There seems to be automated spam coming in. This may unfortunately mean that we have to do some changes in the configs. Perhaps mandate compulsory logins.


* Plenty of WikiTrolls around... Blocked a couple of IP addresses.


* I'm going to the [O'Reilly Emerging Technology|http://conferences.oreillynet.com/etech/] conference in San Diego, CA next week. If any JSPWiki users are out there, find me on #etech, [#jspwiki|IrcChannel], send [email|mailto:jalkanen+jspwiki@ecyrd.com], or drop a comment [on my weblog|http://www.ecyrd.com/ButtUgly/Wiki.jsp?page=Main_blogentry_040204_1]. I would love to have a JSPWiki Users Group meeting - the last one in Tokyo was very fun :-). --JanneJalkanen

* Got JSPWiki to work on the [JXTA|http://www.jxta.org] peer-to-peer network. Check out the article [How to Create Peer-to-Peer Web Servers, Servlets, JSPs, and XML-RPC Clients and Servers|http://www.codinginparadise.org/p2psockets/2.html] and the project page at [P2P Sockets|http://p2psockets.jxta.org] for more information. -- Brad Neuberg


* Installed Tomcat 5 on this system... It's way faster - loads have dropped at least 30%.
(Janne, I added some notes about this to your [Blog|http://www.ecyrd.com/ButtUgly/Comment.jsp?page=Main_comments_150104_2&nc=5] but I'm not sure where the best place to share this info here is. -- Scott Hurlbert)


* Removed the "Page size" from the info pages. It was giving too much of a load on this machine, as a bunch of badly behaving spiders started hammering at them (ignoring our robots.txt). Boo hiss.

* Moved old news to [News2003].