On this page is any news concerning the development of the Wiki engine itself, new features, etc. Also, some general information about this site is added. Confusingly, both this site and the engine are called ''JSPWiki'' right now. :-)


* Turned on a more aggressive spam filter which now also weeds out edits by registered users, since spammers have figured out how to register automatically on JSPWiki.


* JSPWiki 2.8.4 is available! 


* JSPWiki 2.8.3 is available! 


* JSPWiki 2.8.2 is available!


* Not a whole lot of news here - anyway, 2.8.1 is available.


* The ''final'', stable version of JSPWiki 2.6.2 is now [available|JSPWikiDownload]. Development now proceeds on JSPWiki 2.7 and 2.8.


* I'm not updating this page very often, am I?  Upgraded to 2.6.1-cvs-6 to give it a test.


* Now running JSPWiki 2.5.143.


* The 2007-2007 release of JSPWiki 2.4.103 is now available.  It contains an important security fix, and all people are urged to upgrade to this version.


* JSPWiki 2.5.79-alpha is now [available|JSPWikiDownload].


* Installed and released JSPWiki 2.4.102!


* Installed and released JSPWiki 2.4.100!


* Installed and released JSPWiki 2.4.87!


* Installed JSPWiki 2.4.78 on this server to test the current CVS version whether it is ready for stable...


* Installed JSPWiki 2.4.72 on this server, with a hopefully far improved SpamFilter.


* JSPWiki 2.4 stable has been released!  Get it from [JSPWikiDownload]!


* I see I am not updating this list very often...  Anyway, I just upgraded this site, the [documentation site|http://doc.jspwiki.org/2.4], and the [sandbox|http://sandbox.jspwiki.org] to the latest and mostest beautifulest of the CVS.  Mostly to figure out if there are any fatal bugs...


* D'oh.  I put announcements on the [JSPWiki Blog|http://blog.jspwiki.org] and the [JSPWiki mailing list], but I totally forgot this place.  So yes, 2.4.0 is [out|JSPWikiDownload]!  It's still a beta, but you can try it out now and help us iron out bugs.  This site is also running 2.4.0 already.


* Just a friendly reminder to people...  
If you upload files to test, please do that in the [SandBox|http://sandbox.jspwiki.org].  You cannot delete files from www.jspwiki.org Wiki, only the admin can do that.


* Released 2.3.72-alpha, which seems to be pretty stable.  Please test...


* We have not been quiet.  The [JSPWiki web log|http://blog.jspwiki.org] was launched some time ago; and today, we just launched the first public alpha of JSPWiki 2.3.  Get it from [JSPWikiDownload], while it's still hot...

* You may also notice some changes in this web site.  This is because we switched to using the alpha on our server as well.  What you are now seeing is the new default template.

* Important pages on the new 2.3 release: [Security2.3WishList], [BugReports], [JSPWikiMailingList].


* Released JSPWiki 2.2.33 stable!  Go [get it|JSPWikiDownload]!


* Upgraded this server to v2.2.32, and also switched to VersioningFileProvider.  Consider RCSFileProvider officially deprecated now; RCS itself seems to become unstable under enough pressure.


* We are having some strange server issues, please be patient.  Saving sometimes appears to fail, but actually it goes through.  Also page info may sometimes display an error message.


* Switched jspwiki.org to use Apache mod_gzip.  This should result in significant savings of bandwidth (aggregators are using quite a lot...)  If you see any problems, let me know.


* [I|JanneJalkanen] will be attending the [Wikimania 2005|http://wikimania.wikimedia.org] in Frankfurt, Germany from 4.8 - 8.8.  If you're around, let's have a [JSPWiki users meeting at Wikimania 2005].


* After an agonizing year-and-a-half, the JSPWiki 2.2 stable is [now available|JSPWikiDownload].  I hope to get into the habit of making faster releases from now on...


* Released 2.2.14-beta and installed it here.  Please test as much as you can. (NB: There was an error in the upload earlier today; please ignore that zip file and use the current one.)


* Changed the default template a bit again; links are now generated in a different manner. It might be a good idea to shift-refresh...  Also [released|JSPWikiDownload] newest beta, and also tagged it in [CVS|AnonymousCVSAccess].


;[Advanced Editing Showcase]: I fixed some bugs and deployed a new version. Please have a look again and make some tests: [http://www.earthdawn-wiki.de/JSPWiki] -- SebastianBaltes


* Changed the default template somewhat.  Let me know if you don't like it.  Some of the ideas from [BrushedTemplate] are now a part of the [DefaultTemplate]...


* Urgh, 183 automated spam attacks today (and it's only half past eight).  The new SpamFilter seems to be working pretty well, though - only a few go through before the guys get banned.  I would just need to have a permanent ban list...


* Installed 2.2.6, and turned on the ShortViewURLConstructor for nice and clean view URLs.  It should lessen the bandwidth requirements as well...


* JSPWiki 2.2.1 beta has been released!  Get it from [JSPWikiDownload], while stocks last...


* Added new, improved [SpamFilter].  This one will put you into a temporary ban list, if you make too many modifications.


* Took JSPWiki builds off-line for a moment because of a potential license violation.  We'll be back shortly.
** We're back up, with a new build...


* Removed pages requesting deletion... It should take a few minutes for the cache to notice it.


* [Anonymous CVS Access] is back online.  Rejoice!


* The [JSPWiki mailing list] is back up again.  Unfortunately, we lost our archives and our subscription list, so you need to resubscribe...


* Restored the site after a [damaging attack|


* Upgraded to jspwiki 2.1.137...  Attachment urls have changed, so you might be seeing odd effects for a few hours.


* Did a cleanup of all pages requesting to be deleted.

''Old news are available in [News2001], [News2002], [News2003], and [News2004]''

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