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On this page are news concerning the development of the Wiki engine itself, new features, etc. Also, some general information about this site is added. Confusingly, both this site and the engine are called JSPWiki right now. :-)


  • New engine v1.2.0 added. It provides some interesting stuff such as versioning. Check the "More Info" link at the bottom.
  • I also removed the port 8080 support. You'd better use the normal URL right now...


  • We now have 93 pages.


  • We now have 82 pages.


  • JSPWiki is now running at port 80 Port 8080 will be closed soon. JSPWiki is also available through SSL.
  • Someone found a way to make the JSP page go nuts by adding lots of {'s. Now fixed.
  • JSPWiki engine v1.1.1 installed.


  • We now have 52 pages.
  • JSPWiki 1.1.0 engine installed, with new stuff:
    • Search box in all page windows (look at top corner)
    • Added support for monospaced text.
    • A couple of bug fixes.


  • Implemented a rudimentary algorithm for checking for concurrent modification of a page.
  • Also, page history should now be more clear with the addition of page names to the titles.


  • Added much better search (works a bit like all common search engines)
  • Horizontal rulers are now four dashes instead of three to be more consistent with other Wikis.
  • Added numbered lists.


Whee, RecentChanges now works. It ain't pretty, but it's functional! --Janne


Made actual installation of this server into grey instead of just a test installation. --Janne


Implemented this page. Also implemented stuff like italic and bold text. --Janne

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