Pic/update.png Comments and live usage of that template:#

Live sites can be seen here : Thanks for using the template!

Pic/new.pngThe template is finally available for download!#

Check http://sourceforge.net/projects/nexb and read the readme.txt ...
It is a bit rough around the edges, so let's assume that you have some knowledge of JSPWiki.

Using JSPWiki to build a corporate web site#

We needed a simple web site content management for our corporate web site, and used JSPWIki

We made it using a pure CSS layout (no tables) which works equally well on IE 6 and up and Mozilla 1.6, Firefox 0.8, and Netscape 6. The IE compatibility is offered thanks to a small Javascript trick to deal with a multicolumn fluid layout issue and circumvent the poor support of standards in IE. For more discussion on the column height issue with CSS2, check :

The CSS used is all relative sizing and positioning, using exclusively 'em' as a unit for size, margins, ....and as a result the site looks good and pretty much the same with different user chosen font sizes, different windows size and screen resolutions, making it easy on folks with disabilities.

It will be XHTML ready as soon JSPWiki is ...

It is based on JSPWiki 2.1.86-alpha, and we deployed it on both Tomcat 4 and 5.
It works almost perfectly except for slight glitch in JSPWiki HTML rendering where </p><p> are sometimes added. This creates sometimes a very slight variation of layout between different pages, and does not make it yet pixel-pixel perfect....
See BugReports "JSPWiki randomly adds new </p><p> tags to a page reloaded several times".

The graphic design was made by Lionel Roy from http://www.ketchup.net, we tried to port it to JSPWiki as faithfully as possible, given the features (or limitations ;-) ) of JSPWiki.

The next version will have CSS only cross-browser compatible drop-downs menus.... all editable through JSPWiki!




This is the best looking template so far IMO. Great Work - looking forward to the upload! -- AndersEngström

Thanks Anders, we worked hard on it!! Let me publish it next week (before the end of March 2004) together with the way we use it --PhilippeO

Wow. Just wow. I really like the look of this template, very clean. I look forward to taking it for a spin. --JohnV

Wonderful! I use JSPWiki internally several months. Recently I saw OpenWiki website. It has a good and clear looking. Refer to his help page, the "Table Of Contents" function is also useful. I like them, but my programming ability is poor to add them. VERY THANKS for your contribution.
--Robert Lee

Great Template! I like it! --JJ

As said earlier, an excellent look!
But what if I want to remove the table -Referring pages, Unused pages, Undefined Pages, Recent Changes , below the Main page - this table is as large as the Main page! Also, I want to edit the Left Margin. Where exactly can I customize that? Went through the read-me, but could not find any mention of it. And am new at tweaking with css stylesheets, so any pointers would be heartily appreciated.

You can goto ViewTemplate.jsp and remove the corresponding sections which is at the end of the page.
- Krishna


Q: I could not get basic file-based authentication to work. So, could not edit any page. Using v2.1.86. Has anyone observed this ? --RaghuHavaldar
A: Authentication code has been removed from the templates and modified JSP pages for now, so it does not work.

Q: Why two wikis?
A:We use two wikis: one that can be edited, and is used to create a pre-production version of the web site, and another which CANNOT be edited, which is the production version. While, it defeats a bit the purpose of a live wiki, it makes managing the content of a corporate web site much safer from WikiTrolls, and defacing....

Q: What is the username and password to edit the page after installing the template?
A:This template relies on regular servlet container authentication, and whatever username and password you configure. On Tomcat, this is done with server.xml and tomcat-users.xml in /conf. Also, JSPWiki's has to be configured properly, as explained in the web.xml file

Q: But this isn't a wiki at all. No one can edit. Where is the benefit for using JSPWiki?
A: Because Wikis are good publishing platforms :-). Love the look as well. --JanneJalkanen

I will publish both the non-editable template and the editable one. The way we use it, the public template is read-only, while the editable template is read-write published as a separate wiki pointing to the same file directory, and password protected...
This is a corporate web site after all!
So we could not afford WikiTrolls defacing the site, even if every page is versioned and recoverable.
JSPWiki makes for great publishing platform, that any non tech savy person can edit (even our CEO, and marketing folks!)

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