I'm Nick, I'm a computer nerd by profession and I seemed to be glued to my computer most of the time working on side projects. I code in java and I like doing web design and creating images.

I really like JSPWiki. It's nice how easy it is to customize things to make it personal. I use it to organize all my little projects and document my code and post examples.

I made FavreTemplate because I thought I would post one up here since it didn't seem like anyone was putting them up. But this wiki is pretty cool and I'm glad it's free. It's really easy to use out of the box and the documentation is good too.

If anyone likes the FavreTemplate, I also created a Dan Marino/Miami Dolphin template as well, this one was kind of a joke so I have scriptaculous and prototype added to the project and have Dan Marino's head bobbing a bit when the pages change. If you want that one too let me know and I'll put it up here.

Here's a screenshot of it. marino_wiki.png

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