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Using the WikiRPCInterface and Hula, a process on Janne's machine will check this NotificationList page and the RecentChanges page. If there are any changes in the last 24 hours, it will send an email about them to any addresses found on this page.

If you want to be on the list, add your email to the list above. Be sure to put it space-separated (don't use '@' to curb spambots). You may want to pick a relatively spam-friendly email address, as these emails sometimes get mistaken for spam. If you want off, remove it. You can have multiple entries to the same address if you wish.

With this you set the time of day that the email appears, so that it greets you (and is current) in the morning (or perhaps in the evening, when you might have time to read). You list the UTC hour (integer values from 0 to 23) that you want to have the email show up. So, for example, since UTC is +8 from PST, and I'd like the email to show up at 8am PST, I put '16'.

There are several ways to specify what you want to get in the email:

  • You can specify which pages you'd like to hear about by listing their names (e.g., TODOList Main News). Case is significant, so spell carefully.
  • If you want to hear about changes to every page, just use RecentChanges.
  • You can also ask not to be informed of changes to a page by putting a minus sign ('-') in front of the name.
  • If, when a page changes, you'd like the whole text of the page in the email, rather than just the deltas, put an exclamation point ('!') at the end of the page name. If you want this for all pages, just say RecentChanges!.
  • If you add a plus sign ('+') to the end of the name (i.e., Foo+), then that means the page Foo and every page that Foo directly points to are included in your list. Think of Foo as a table of contents.
    • "-Foo+" does what you might expect, removing from consideration Foo and all the pages Foo points to.
    • Adding extra "+"'s continues the indirection. Thus, Foo++ is Foo, all the pages pointed to by Foo, and all the pages those pages point to.
    • Note that "RecentChanges+", being non-sensical, gets changed to "RecentChanges".
  • You can put brackets around your page names to make them links (e.g. Foo or -Bar++).
  • You can mix and match these options any way you like. For example, RecentChanges -Foo Bar! means that you'll get deltas for any page except Foo, and that if Bar changes, you'll get the full page.

Author Exclusion#

If there are certain authors you don't want to hear about, you can add them to an exclusion list. For example, if you don't want changes that you yourself made to be in the email, you can exclude yourself. Or if there are authors working on pages completely beyond your interest, you can exclude them. Note that pages will only be excluded if ALL of the authors for those changes are on your exclusion list.
  • To exclude someone, put exclude=name in your entry, after the hour. For example, to not hear about changes I've made, put in exclude=MahlenMorris.
  • The name must be an exact match with their UserPreferences name the person uses. Case matters.
  • You can have multiple people on your list by having multiple entries. For example, exclude=MahlenMorris exclude=DaffyDuck

For easier readability, the text of the emails are justified to 72 characters a line (long links with no spaces in them will not get broken up, though).

In order to foil email address grabbing web spiders, the format for an email address here is formatted so the entry for "send about all page changes to at 9 am UTC" would become: (star) foo 9 RecentChanges

Enjoy! The code can be found via Hula. Commentary on this application can be found in EmailGenerator.

How can I exclude an author whose name contains spaces? We use JSPWiki with MS AD domain integration. Users logon names consist of one letter and 7 digits. Since nobody can remember those I am using the DisplayName from active directory as the user name for tomcat. In my case that translates into Unger, Sebastian. It seems that JSPWiki and this "plugin" make assumptions that make these kind of names very hard to use. Unfortunately, I am not in control of AD, so I can't change the display names.
I found that exclude=Unger%2C+Sebastian did the trick. This is also the format used in the generated email, so it should be easy to work out for other characters.

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