If you're a developer, you probably know what a NullPointerException is. For more info and a discussion of consequences or programming practices, you can go to the Wiki Wiki Web's NullPointerException page.

If you're a MereMortal, and happen to stumble here because you found out a NPE in JSPWiki's logs, just know that a NullPointerException (often abbreviated as NPE) signals that the java code attempted to access something that was not initialized. This is either a bug in the code, or a consequence of a bad configuration (but this might be a bug anyway, as the application should be robust enough to detect most configuration errors and log something more explicit as a message).

If you need to have this corrected (because for example you witnessed a degradation of functionality and you think the NPE is related), please try to search this site for related issues, starting at JSPWiki Support. If you find nothing that describes or correct your problem, enter a bug report.

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