__OliveBranch__ is a JSPWiki [template|ContributedTemplates] developed by MurrayAltheim for use with 2.3.x (actually, started with .92), based a very long time ago on the BlackBeanTemplate, which used the CSS of CleanTemplate. Like its forebearers, it has a clean look with a fair bit of whitespace.

This is an initial posting and there's work to do on both this page and the IE custom CSS. Volunteers welcome (I use Firefox and really couldn't care about those poor souls using IE, but I try to be nice about it).


!! Features

Uses LeftMenu.

!! Distribution

The current version is: [OliveBranch-20060420.tar.gz|http://www.jspwiki.org/attach/OliveTemplate/OliveBranch-20060420.tar.gz]

!! Screenshot


!! Change Log

__~OliveBranch-20060420.tar.gz__  initial posting