Hiya! And Welcome to Wiki!#

WikiWiki is Hawaiian and means "quick". The original idea of WikiWiki was to create a collaborative, fast environment which would still be persistent. WikiWiki emphasizes content, convenience, and accessibility instead of good looks.

Wiki is simple. This is good. Wiki can quickly become very complex, too. Which is also good :)

Anyone is free to read and look for information. All you need is a web browser, which supports a minimal level of HTML. To find pages, just go to the "Find Page" page, or just type your query in the box in the top right corner.


Anyone can contribute, even anonymously. Yes, you can delete what other people said, and even delete whole pages, but surprisingly, wiki does work.

Wiki uses its special code for formatting text. It's much simpler than HTML and discards practically all formatting issues - you just type text and Wiki transforms it into HTML for you when you save. See TextFormattingRules to see what sort of Wiki markup you can use.

When editing, you can easily create (and you should create) hyperlinks by just putting the word in square brackets, [like this]. If the page you are referring to does not exist, the resulting page will show the name underlined, with a following question mark. Clicking the question mark will then allow you to create that page. Like this: ThisPageReallyDoesNotExist. (Please don't foil this example by creating that page...)

WikiNames that contain spaces or underscores are crushed together and capitalized, so that [This is a link] becomes [ThisIsALink]. So you can just use normal English in your WikiNames, like when you refer people to the WikiEtiquette.

Some concepts /basics#

Perhaps you would like to be a WikiGardener, or a WikiGnome? Please, don't be a WikiTroll, though :-).

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