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I have moved problems with attached solutions to PDFPluginProblems for easier reference. I leave the stuff here that is still under discussion and that needs a solution. --PĂ„lBrattberg

Extended language support#

PDF plugin works fine in my personal web site. But it seems doesn't support Chinese characters. Any solutions? -- 2006-04-19

It doesn't support Greek characters neither. Does anyone have a solution for this?

--xarisd, 2006-08-01

Make Table of Contents links (and other links) lead to PDF-destinations#

I notice that when the page converts to a pdf the table of contents links still point to the wiki.

Is there someway to have the wiki.pdf add-on convert the links to be pdf in-document links?

--RobSchramm, 10-Feb-2006

xhtml2fo4fop.xsl(info) can build a toc by itself. The comments in the xsl-file to the buildToc-param gives hints to some adjustments. Alternative use pdf-bookmarks. -- ClaasRuschmeyer, 17-Mar-2006

While the table of contents portion of the xhtml2fo4fop.xsl(info) is there... it is not really what I want. Most of the pages in my wiki have a "TableOfContents" to assist the user. There is a section of the xsl that is referencing #section as part of the href... but I am unsure of the intent is (I am a pre-newbie to XSL etc..). -- RobSchramm, 03-Apr-2006

Table support with non-unique headings#

The heading-anchors ("id") in a page may be not unique if the author uses identical headings. Fop will throw an exception because the name to an element must be unique in a document. We use this uniqueIdHeadingAnchor.patch(info) -- ClaasRuschmeyer, 10-Mar-2006

I tried the very new Version (18-06-2007) now...#

... and no images or tables are displayed in the PDF-File ... before i've installed the old version.. i tried to delete all old .jar files (-dependecies) und use only the package which is offered here.... dont know why theres NO change in my PDF-File compared to the old-JSP2PDF-Converter...

Thanks for any Hints :)

- MartinU

Martin: What does the page look like that doesn't work? What version of JSPWiki are you running? How does your generated PDF look?

Similar no images problem#

Hiya, very nice plugin but i also cant see images. I am running JSPWiki v2.4.102 on HPUX under apache-tomcat-6.0.13. I installed off your latest jspwiki2pdf-jar-with-dependencies-2.1.jar and made the 2 changes to the web.xml

My page looks fine except there are no images, it just goes onto the next thing, not even leaving the correct space.

thank you for your help

- louiszezeran 4-july-2007

Actually i fixed my own problem. I had the BASE url wrong and then I set page links to "absolute" and it all worked out. I checked out the log4j output and it said it had a wrong URL for the images which put me onto this one. A great plugin, thank you!

- louiszezeran 5-july-2007

How can I get the source code about PDFPlugin?#

I have installed the new PDF plugin, But it seems does not support Chinese display, do you have any solution? or where can i get the source code about PDFPlugin, thx!

- Louise 5-July-2007

Source is available at the project page at If you get it to support chinese, please contribute back your changes!

-- PĂ„lBrattberg

No images#

I'm using jspwiki2pdf-jar-with-dependencies version 2.1.1 with JSPWiki 2.4.103 and Tomcat 6.0.14. BaseURL is customized:

 jspwiki.baseURL= http://myserver:8080/wiki/
Here two interesting lines from the log file:
 DEBUG FOP  - File not found: http://myserver:8080/wiki//wiki/attach/Workflow/registry-sized.png
 ERROR  - Image not available:

The correct path to the image would be: http://myserver:8080/wiki/attach/Workflow/registry-sized.png
Were does the additional "/wiki/" came from ? Any hints ? Thanks.

- Alexander, 28-Oct-2007

Image does not work for me either until I change the linking to absolute:

 jspwiki.baseURL= http://myserver:8080/wiki/

--AnoCow, 02-Jan-2008

Is it possible to export all wiki-pages in one document?

--AnonymousCoward, 29-Jan-2008

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