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I have moved problems with attached solutions to PDFPluginProblems for easier reference. I leave the stuff here that is still under discussion and that needs a solution. --PĂ„lBrattberg

Make Table of Contents links (and other links) lead to PDF-destinations#

I notice that when the page converts to a pdf the table of contents links still point to the wiki.

Is there someway to have the wiki.pdf add-on convert the links to be pdf in-document links?

--RobSchramm, 10-Feb-2006

xhtml2fo4fop.xsl(info) can build a toc by itself. The comments in the xsl-file to the buildToc-param gives hints to some adjustments. Alternative use pdf-bookmarks. -- ClaasRuschmeyer, 17-Mar-2006

While the table of contents portion of the xhtml2fo4fop.xsl(info) is there... it is not really what I want. Most of the pages in my wiki have a "TableOfContents" to assist the user. There is a section of the xsl that is referencing #section as part of the href... but I am unsure of the intent is (I am a pre-newbie to XSL etc..). -- RobSchramm, 03-Apr-2006

Table support with non-unique headings#

The heading-anchors ("id") in a page may be not unique if the author uses identical headings. Fop will throw an exception because the name to an element must be unique in a document. We use this uniqueIdHeadingAnchor.patch(info) -- ClaasRuschmeyer, 10-Mar-2006

I tried the very new Version (18-06-2007) now...#

... and no images or tables are displayed in the PDF-File ... before i've installed the old version.. i tried to delete all old .jar files (-dependecies) und use only the package which is offered here.... dont know why theres NO change in my PDF-File compared to the old-JSP2PDF-Converter...

Thanks for any Hints :)

- MartinU

Martin: What does the page look like that doesn't work? What version of JSPWiki are you running? How does your generated PDF look?

Is it possible to export all wiki-pages in one document?

--AnonymousCoward, 29-Jan-2008

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