2003.10.30 - Thank you for struts-resume#

Hi Matt,

Kudos on your excellent work on appfuse and struts-resume. Since, I've been using appfuse and struts-resume to gather a basic understanding of struts and "helper" technologies, its time to give back a little.

I ran into the same problem as yourself, as per your email. So, I followed the email thread and wasn't quite happy with the JavaScript solution. So, I conjured a non-JavaScript solution which is posted below. Be aware that my struts understanding is fairly rudimentary and this might be a classic example of too much blending of V into the C from the MVC model.

This is part of action.BaseForm
    public ActionErrors validate(ActionMapping mapping,
            HttpServletRequest request) {
        // Identify the request parameter containing the method name
        String parameter = mapping.getParameter();

        if( parameter != null ) {
            // Identify the method name to be dispatched to.
            String name = request.getParameter(parameter);
            MessageResources resources =
                (MessageResources) request.getAttribute(Globals.MESSAGES_KEY);
            // Identify the localized message for the cancel button
            String message = resources.getMessage("button.cancel");
            // if message resource matches the cancel button then no
            // need to validate
            if( name != null && name.equals(message) ) {
                if( log.isDebugEnabled() ) {
                    log.debug(mapping.getAttribute() + " '" + name +
                            "' method, so no need to validate");
                    return null;
        // perform regular validation
        return super.validate(mapping, request);

What do you think of this approach?

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