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Some pages on this Wiki site ( are tagged with a special link to identify it with a specific request. Once the appropriate action has been taken to address the request, the tag should be removed from the page. To tag a page, simply add a link to the appropriate page tag.

List of page tags:#

  • AnswerMe - pages that are tagged with this means someone is requesting an answer for a question or issue. This tag should really only be used when there is no response to a question/issue after some time, since recently-added questions to any page would already show up on the RecentChanges page.
  • RefactorMe - people use this tag if they think that a page should be cleaned or reorganized.
  • DELETEME - this tag is used to mark pages for deletion by an administrator. Typically, pages that are marked for deletion might be new pages created by spammers, or new pages created by visitors who are just testing.

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