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I'm a Java & Oracle developer in Z├╝rich at Credit Suisse (a large bank).

Credit Suisse uses mostly PL/1 for mainframe and Java for non-mainframe (Solaris servers), the two are connected via Corba.

I'm in a development group that makes various apps for portfolio management, we use Java servlets with a template-like system based on JSP that I made, to get a nice MVC (JSP model 2).

Thus when searching for a wiki to improve collaboration in our group I was naturally drawn to JSPWiki.

Yesterday I dropped in another template style (mrg); I am impressed how simple and elegant JSPWiki is that you can do such things easily.

There are some interesting differences, using JSP both for the controller and the view, yet cleanly separated is a new idea for me. We use JSP only for the view, and in fact only as high level template. All HTML details are hidden in custom tags. Since our controller is 100% database driven it would not be very practical to do the same in our case.

In putting more and more into custom tags the JSP pages get emptier and emptier :). They get to a point where I wonder whether JSP makes much sense still. For mostly static pages with some dynamic data it surely does. But when you build an application and all pages are fully dynamic, you might as well completely generate your HTML out of servlets, ala the old days Perl scripts did, but this time better structured of course.

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