The __Pic Show Plugin__ is a very simple plugin to creates a page containing a table of all the specified pictures in the attachments.

[{INSERT PicShowPlugin cols='<cols>' height='<height>' width='<width>' type='<type>' class='<class>' style='<style>' showName='<showName>' thumbnail='<thumbnail>'}]

;__cols__ (optional): \\Defines the picture amount in one row. Default is all in one row.  
;__height__ (optional): \\Defines the height of each picture. Default is original.
;__width__ (optional): \\Defines the width of each picture. Default is original.
;__type__ (optional): \\Specify the type of the pictures. Devided by the comma. Default is 'JPG,PNG,GIF'. (Case insensitive)
;__class__ (optional): \\The css class of the table.
;__style__ (optional): \\The style of the pictures.
;__showName__ (optional): \\Whether show the file name as the caption under each picture.  Default is "false". 
;__thumbnail__ (optional): \\Whether create the thumbnails in the serverside. Default is "false".


__Step 1)__ Add {{com.newland.jspwiki.plugin}} to your {{jspwiki.plugin.searchPath}} in {{}}

__Step 2)__ Add the PicShowPlugin.class and Thumb.class to your classes using the path {{com.newland.jspwiki.plugin}}.

__Step 3)__ Put the Thumb.jsp in your JSPWiki web root directory.

The plugin should now be ready for use. 
[{Image src='screenshot.JPG'}]

I write the Thumb.jsp file for easy deploy. The other way is to use servlet, you can rewrite it into servlet. \\