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The Pic Show Plugin is a very simple plugin to creates a page containing a table of all the specified pictures in the attachments.

Syntax: #

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cols (optional)

Defines the picture amount in one row. Default is all.
height (optional)

Defines the height of each picture. Default is original.
width (optional)

Defines the width of each picture. Default is original.
type (optional)

Specify the type of the pictures. Devided by the comma. Default is 'JPG,PNG,GIF'. (Case unsesitive)
class (optional)

The css class of the table.
style (optional)

The style of the pictures.
showName (optional)

Whether show the file name as the caption under each picture. Default is "false".


Step 1) Add com.newland.jspwiki.plugin to your jspwiki.plugin.searchPath in

Step 2) Add the PicShowPlugin.class to your classes using the path com.newland.jspwiki.plugin.

The plugin should now be ready for use.

Further, I will add the auto generate thumbnails feature. PengHui

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