Its a simple plugin to fetch messages from an POP3 account and insert these mails into the current page.
The mail will be deleted from the mail server ! You need the mail package from sun (mail.jar,activation.jar and pop3.jar).


 [{INSERT de.comu.wikiplugin.POPmailPlugin WHERE host='', user='username', pass='password'}] 


hostMail server adress or ip adress
userUsername to access the mail account
passwordPassword to access the mail account

Hi Not knowing java:

Where to I put the from this page into the wiki (JSPWiki/WEB-INF/lib/ ?) or to I need to compile it?

As is I see:Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin de.comu.wikiplugin.POPmailPlugin with the .java file in the JSPWiki/WEB-INF/lib/

I have the the mail package from sun (mail.jar,activation.jar and pop3.jar) in the above path with the other jar files.



--Bruce E Hayward, 07-Apr-2006

Hi normaly you should compile these file.

I have attached the compiled class file. You must stored the class file under the WEB-INF/classes/de/comu/wikiplugin directory. After restarting the wiki system it should work.

Yours Wolfgang


The Plugin now installs fine - have to work out the connection timeout, but expect that is security / routes... (getting javax.mail.MessagingException: Connect failed) Know what I am doing for the rest of today... - any thoughts on this would be appreciated. 8o) - Regards Bruce

--Bruce E Hayward, 11-Apr-2006


Still getting the "javax.mail.MessagingException: Connect failed" when I run the plugin.

(Take about 15 minutes to timeout/get there)

Unfortunately no detail follows it - just the one line.

I see the same one-line message in the catalina.out file and on the screen where I have the plugin.

How can I set this for further detail (to help determine what the exception/error/reason is?



--Bruce E Hayward, 15-May-2006


I just get "Plugin insertion failed: Plugin failed" and nothing more.. can anybody give me an idea of where to start looking?

Got the new api's from sun

--Henrik Strindberg, 13-Dec-2006

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