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A friend recommended this recently, haven't tested it myself yet. Posidon is written in Java (hence platform independent). Claims support for 9 diagram types, Java codegen / reverse eng, XMI, export to image & SVG, etc.

JohnV: Also available as Standard and Professional editions for a price.  Someone told me that Poseidon derived from the ArgoUML codebase.  I can believe it.


Screenshots are from last version.


The Community Edition is no longer offered free of charge.  It is basically a demo with saving/exporting disabled.  The company offers monthly license rentals, or it is available for purchase.

It has the following features:

* fully implemented in Java, plattform independent
* all 9 diagrams of the UML supported,
* compliant to the UML 1.3 standard,
* XMI supported as standard saving format,
* runs under Java 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4,
* diagram export as gif, ps, eps and svg,
* grafic formats jpeg and png supported for JDK 1.4
* undo/redo (can be turned on in options),
* copy/cut/paste within the tool,
* drag and drop within the tool,
* export to windows meta file format (wmf),
* experimental zooming within the tool,
* internationalization and localization for english, german, french and spanish,
* code generation for Java,
* sophisticated support of OCL,
* auto-layout of reverse engineered diagrams,
* cognitive support, discrete critique mechanism (by default turned off),
* seamless integration into Netbeans (3.2 and 3.3) and Forte for Java (3.0),
* simple install and update with JavaWebStart.

see more at [PoseidonUML Community Edition|http://gentleware.com/index.php?id=ce]
Also available commertioal editions with testy features:

* The __Standard Edition__ is the optimal choice for the professional analyst. It includes all features of the Community Edition plus capabilities like reverse engineering for Java, UMLdoc generation, and plug-in extensions.
* The __Professional Edition__ is designed to meet the needs of the professional software developer. An outstandingly flexible code generation mechanism has been bundled with a complete set of productivity features including roundtrip engineering, JAR import, and integration into the Eclipse IDE.

* The __Enterprise Edition__, with its client-server architecture, facilitates effective real-time collaboration with multi-user team support and version control. Features from the PE like adaptable code generation for Java, C#, C++, VB.net, IDL, SQL DDL, Perl and Delphi have been included, along with much more for model-driven software engineering in larger teams.
* The __Embedded Enterprise Edition__ is specifically designed for embedded systems development. Optimized code generation for ANSI C and C++ and the advanced team collaboration capabilities of the Enterprise Edition have been combined with most of the Professional Edition features. A unique code generator fulfills the demands of embedded systems by addressing concerns such as memory resource and performance issues. Additionally, automatic code generation for UML state and class diagrams is supported.
[Read More|http://gentleware.com/index.php?id=editions]

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