I have a very primitive notion of using the WikiRPCInterface as a way to print pages already running at http://www.mahlen.org/jspwiki. But this really isn't that useful. Often you want to print a tree of pages, except that they aren't really a tree structure (because pages point to each other willy-nilly), and so that looks really ugly.

So now I'm thinking that a simple way around this is to print based on a Table of Contents idea. Basically, you pick a page, and the displayed page is all of the pages that are directly pointed to by that page, in the order they appear (hmmm, is that the order listLinks() uses?). If you want to select a bunch of random pages, you can make a My Pages TOC page that lists them all, and then it'll display them in that order.

This solves the ordering and selection problem much more neatly than any Web-based GUI i could think of. I'll get to work on this, um, someday.

(Later) I now have a working example of my TOC concept at http://www.mahlen.org/jspwiki/TOCstart.jsp; the source for which can be found in the latest Hula.


  • I don't see any information about how to install or run PrintWiki. Also the Hula domcumentation does not help at all... As far as I can imagine PrintWiki would be a step forward to a solution of ore problem with JSPWiki. We use the wiki for all kind of internal documentation - but at some point we need to do a hardcopy of some docu. The best would be, if PrintWiki could transform the resolved HTML in to different formats like .pdf or .doc - domi

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