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Publish a set of Wiki pages and attachments, as specified by the QueryPlugin, to a user defined directory, on some user-defined schedule. The directory could be made publicly accessible. In essence the Wiki could be used to author content that the PublishPlugin then (duh) publishes for read-only public consumption.

NOTE: baseURl would need stripped out or modified in the published HTML so relative links would work as expected. Interwiki links could be problematic too. Hmm, if the original Wiki was secured appropriately there wouldn't be any need of this plugin would there be?... Or would there?... maybe?... --JohnV

See Ideas for some discussions that give context to this plugin.

Thoughts? --JohnVolkar

You could do this now with wget. Wget will walk a site and pull all the text and graphics. I have used it to strip a customer site to make sure we have all the HTML and graphics before we make changes. It will accept a list of pages to look at, so you can pick and choose what pages you extract. Wget is open source and there are precompiled Unix/Linux/Windows versions available.

On a semi related note, I pull my site down to the Palm Pilot using AvantGo, so I have a read only version with me. It does not pull the attachments down.

-- FosterSchucker

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